Las Vegas, NV – While most people associate car accidents with vehicle damage, physical injuries, and the insurance process, it is possible that victims can develop mental or psychological problems. While auto insurance does not cover psychological and emotional issues, a personal injury lawsuit that asks for various types of compensation can award damages to a victim for non-economic forms of harm. A local attorney can be consulted for more specific information about compensation for these kinds of problems. 

Motor vehicle collisions and stress disorders

Although it may not be obvious, car accidents are one of the most common causes of post traumatic stress disorder in non-military personnel in the United States. Data has shown that about one in ten people will develop some kind of PTSD symptoms from a motor vehicle crash. Mental health problems following a collision will probably develop if the victim is involved in a serious crash or there are associated physical injuries that require emergency medical attention as well. 

Predisposition to PTSD after a collision

There are a number of different factors that make it more likely someone will have to deal with PTSD after their accident. A person’s family history for disorders related to stress and mental health problems is one of the best predictors of future stress related problems. If someone has already had another prior incident of trauma because of an accident or injury, they may also develop PTSD more easily than members of the general public. People who have less social support from family or friendships are at a higher risk for post traumatic stress disorder after the incident. 

The likelihood of trauma is increased during automobile collisions because there is a very real fear of injury. While each individual reacts differently to perceived threats and danger, car accidents are a very real danger that affects thousands of drivers in Nevada each year. The risk of a collision is genuinely present whenever someone starts their car every day.  

Non-economic damages

Civil injury lawsuits do provide a way for people who experience various kinds of trauma to get compensation for these kinds of injuries and losses. Non-economic damages are sometimes referred to as damages for emotional pain and suffering. Things like mental health problems, emotional issues, physical pain, and various other forms of stress and trauma are all covered under these types of damages. 

Help with accident lawsuits

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