Some accident lawsuits will attach the government as a defendant because they are the entity responsible for injuries or property damage. In these cases, it is still possible for victims to collect money, but there are also a number of special rules to consider when filing a case is against a municipal or county agency.
Volusia County has been named in several lawsuits recently, and the settlements will end up costing the county over $100,000. Many of the cases are tied to accidents, malfunctions, and mistakes caused by the county’s Votran public transportation vehicles.
Government vehicles in Daytona and Volusia cause several injuries
One of the most memorable recent crashes involved a man who was hit by a Votran Bus in Daytona Beach while crossing the intersection of Ridgewood Ave and McLeod Bethune Boulevard. There was controversy over whether the man had purposely pulled his bike in front of the bus based on some suspicious actions. The collision was captured on video, but the case ultimately settled for $75,000 despite these issues.
Another incident involved a mistake by a Votran van driver, where the driver caused the victim to fall out of his wheelchair and sustain injuries while he was loaded into the county vehicle. The victim suffered problems with his leg and big toe, and the county is expected to settle this case for approximately $8,000 to cover the man’s medical bills.

A similar accident involved a woman who was a regular public transportation rider on a mobility scooter. The lift system used to assist disabled riders on the bus failed and caused the woman to fall onto the ground. She sustained injuries that cost about $22,000 in medical bills, and the case is expected to settle for that amount.
Sovereign Immunity
Historically, governments had been protected from lawsuits by members of the public under a tort law doctrine called sovereign immunity. However, Florida like all other states gradually abolished these rules and allowed towns, counties, cities, and the state government to be sued by members of the public in certain situations.
Damage caps
One very important rule regarding claims against any government entity is that the amount of money someone can collect is limited. In Florida, any incident is limited to a $200,000 payout, with a possibility of another $100,000 worth of damages if the person has dependents who are affected by the incident. While this may seem like a lot, this limitation can be a problem for accidents that cause things like permanent injuries or death. Serious accidents can potentially result in much greater damages due to things like the need for constant medical treatment or years of future lost wages.
Because of the complexity of cases involving the government and various other types of accident lawsuits, it is important to get the right kind of help from an expert attorney.
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