Can Apps Reduce the Texting and Driving Problem in Texas?

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Texas is the 17th worst state for distracted drivers according to a new study.

Austin, TX- Fatal traffic accidents are on the rise in the U.S. and experts believe distracted driving is one of the primary culprits. A recent study of texting and driving by Zendrive confirmed that many states have a texting and driving problem including Texas.

Zendrive Distracted Driving Study

The Zendrive study examined the driving habits of 3 million drivers over a three-month period and found that drivers use their while driving 88 out of 100 trips. Drivers spent 3.5 minutes on their phone per one hour of driving.

The study also found that Texas was the 17th worst state for distracted drivers with Austin and Houston listed as the cities with the most distracted drivers.  Texas is one of the many states don’t have a law banning drivers from using hand-held devices behind the wheel.

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Motorists use their cell phones 88 percent of the driving trips they take.

Can Apps Reduce Texting and Driving in the Texas?

Since drivers can’t seem to put their phones down on their own, there are apps that can help them break their bad habit and stop driving while distracted.

Four apps that could stop drivers from texting behind the wheel include:

1) LifeSaver- This app allows parents to control their teen’s cell phone by blocking all usage while a car is in motion. It also notifies parents when their teen has arrived at their destination and encourages safe driving with rewards such as credits on iTunes.

2) On My Way (you are here)- This app notifies your friends that you are on the way when they text asking where you are. It also allows your more impatient friends to track your location.

3) AT&T DriveMode- This app is available to all consumers regardless of their carrier which is aimed at reducing collisions by cutting down on distractions. This app sends automatic texts notifying senders that you are driving and silences phone calls and alerts.

What Should I Do if a Distracted Driver Hits Me?

When you are injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, you should call the police immediately even if your injuries are minor. You need an accident report if you plan on filing a personal injury claim against the distracted driver.

Next, you need to get treated for your injuries, so you have medical records to verify your claims. After you get medical attention, find a local injury attorney on to work on your case.

Contact an Accident Law Firm in Austin

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Speak with one of the accident lawyers at the Luke Dow Law Firm if you are injured by a distracted driver in Austin.

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