Failure to follow the precautionary laws regarding the spread of COVID-19 is classified as a second- degree misdemeanor crime in Miami, Florida and can result in a person facing civil and criminal charges.

Without a doubt, calls to personal injury and accident lawyers have increased significantly since the spread of COVID-19. Just like all these other Americans, you must be wondering whether contracting COVID-19 is grounds for filing a personal injury or accident claim.

Since every case that calls in is different there is no definitive answer to this. However, if you have contracted COVID-19, you most likely have the grounds to file a claim if:

  • You were unfairly and purposely exposed to the virus
  • You became extremely ill because of the virus
  • Reasonable measures were not taken to prevent the virus from being exposed to you

If the above conditions apply to you, you should definitely contact a lawyer at Orlando R Murillo P.A. to determine whether you can make a personal injury claim and to get an estimate of how much you are entitled to receive in damages. A person may not just be eligible to make a personal injury claim for COVID-19, but they may possibly make a negligence claim, business claim, or even an employment claim depending on how serious their case is.

If you contract COVID-19 during a cruise or while in a commercial area you might be able to hold the owners responsible for not taking proper precautionary measures to spread the virus. If you were admitted to a hospital for a non-COVID-19 related injury and you contracted COVID-19 during your stay over there you may be able to hold the hospital accountable as well.

Liability for passing on COVID-19 to others in Miami, Florida

Just as you are potentially allowed to file a claim against another party for getting the virus, others can file claims against you if they feel they contracted the virus from you. However, they will only be allowed to file a COVID-19 personal injury claim against you if they can prove you acted negligently, and your negligence resulted in them contracting the virus.

Realistically, civil lawsuits for spreading COVID-19 are not very likely, however, a person can be faced with charges for violating the laws regarding social distancing and similar precautions put forward to reduce the spread of the virus.

A personal injury lawyer can help

Whether you want to file a claim against someone for getting the virus or whether you need help defending yourself from the claim of another person, a personal injury lawyer at Orlando R Murillo P.A. can assist you through the process. With the expert advice you get from a lawyer and the help you get collecting evidence and building your defenses, you will stand a much stronger chance of getting your justice. Call us today to book an appointment.

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