Accidents can lead to a person suffering a lot of physical pain and also lead to a person incurring a lot of financial burdens as well. When a person gets into an accident they are generally able to hold the individual who caused the accident to take place financially liable on a legal level. If they are able to prove that the other individual had shown some form of negligence which resulted in them getting hurt, they will easily be able to get financially compensated for their medical bills and any lost wages which they may have incurred due to the accident.
However, a person does not only lose out on tangible assets when they get into an accident, but they also suffer intangible and non-economic damages as well such as pain and suffering. When it comes to deciding how much a person can financially receive to cover their pain and suffering the judge will have to take many different factors into consideration.

What factors will be considered to decide if I can get compensated for noneconomic damages?

In Florida, pain and suffering are usually considered as serious reasons to receive financial compensation if the following conditions are met:

  • A person permanently loses the function of a body part or the loss of function is very significant
  • A person receives any form of injury which is permanent
  • A person faces severe scarring
  • A person faces severe disfiguration

A judge will not only look at how severely a person was hurt, but also look at what opportunities they have missed out on in life due to their injuries because this can naturally bring a lot more emotional pain into a person’s life.
In many cases, if a person passes away because of their injuries, their family members may be entitled to receive compensation for their pain and suffering. This is more relevant when the individual who passed away played a very important role in the social, emotional, and financial support of their family members.
A person should contact an accident attorney in Fort Myers, FL in order to determine whether they are eligible to receive noneconomic damages after their accident.
When an individual gets into an accident their life generally gets set back quite significantly. Apart from having to deal with their injuries, they may also have to postpone or miss out on significant events in their lives, and these things are not something they can experience again.

Who can help me fight for the compensation I deserve?

An accident attorney can assist a person in presenting relevant evidence as well as making the appropriate claims in court to get the maximum amount of compensation possible for their specific case. Depending on how much the other driver was at fault and how badly a person ended up suffering because of the accident an attorney will be able to work on an individualized plan to help them fight their case.