It is common knowledge that individuals driving their vehicles are allowed to file a legal claim after an accident to hold the guilty driver responsible. However, most people are unaware that passengers are also allowed to file a legal claim after a car accident. Passengers can file their claim against the driver of the vehicle they were in, or also against the other driver if it was their fault.

If a passenger of a vehicle gets hurt because their driver was negligent, they can file a claim against them. If a passenger of a vehicle gets hurt because the other driver acted negligently then they can hold them responsible for any harm they faced by their actions.

All personal injury cases are different, and no two situations are the same. A person should not generalize an assumption based on what they hear from others as their case will have unique factors that could lead to different legal rulings being followed. An accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who specializes in dealing with accident cases can listen to a person’s situation and provide them with the best legal advice that maximizes their chances of getting a fair settlement amount.

If a person can prove the negligence of the guilty party and they are able to prove their damages were incurred due to this negligence, they can hold them accountable for their actions.

It should be noted that anyone filing a claim must do so according to the statute of limitations. In Florida, a person has up to 4 years after they suffer their injury to make a claim. Any claims made after this timeframe will most probably be denied. A person should connect with a lawyer to see if they are an exception to this rule and to determine whether they have missed any other legal deadlines for their case.

Determining negligence after a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Negligence concerning a car accident means when a driver or third party fails to follow the standard level of care and conduct that are established by the law. So if a driver was distracted while driving, or they broke traffic rules and this is what lead to the accident, they have acted negligently and can be compelled to give compensation to those who were harmed by their irresponsible behavior.

A person will need to gather evidence to prove the negligence of the guilty party. The more evidence they have, the higher their chances are of the case turning in their favor.

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