Car accidents are common occurrences on the roads across the United States. Getting into a car accident not only puts a person at risk of serious injury and property damage, but if the accident was even partially their fault, they can be held accountable for their negligence on a legal level. The severity of their penalty will be increased depending on the intensity of their crime and depending on the laws of the state in which the accident took place.

For instance, in the state of Pennsylvania, if a person gets into a car accident due to DUI and it was their first time, they do not have to undergo jail time. However, if they caused injuries and property damage as well then, they must undergo a minimum of 48 hours of jail time. Naturally, the more negligent a person was, and the more recklessly they were driving, the more chances that they will be sentenced to mandatory jail time as part of their penalization.

In California, if a driver performs a hit and run (in which they cause an accident and drive away without contacting authorities) they can be subjected to a year of jail time. Each case will be different from the other and a person should get in touch with an accident lawyer if they find themselves in a serious collision. A legal professional who specializes in dealing with car accidents can inform a person about the penalties they will most likely be faced with and educate them on what defenses they can make to reduce their legal consequences.

In many cases, it may seem hopeless because a driver had acted very recklessly, however, if the right evidence is presented and the correct points are brought up in court then it is very likely that a person can have their charges reduced significantly.

How can I reduce the chances of getting penalized after getting into a car accident?

Anyone who has gotten into a car accident should take certain precautionary measures after the collision takes place to ensure that they do not further aggravate their case and make the authorities even more upset.

Firstly, a driver should call authorities as soon as they can. They should also try and assist other drivers and passengers who were injured during the accident. If they fail to report an accident that caused injuries and serious property damage, then they may even be charged with a hit and run. This can be detrimental to their driving record and can cause serious inconveniences such as an increase in their car insurance rate and the necessity of having to pay fines or work community service hours to make amends for their crime.

A person can be penalized quite severely for causing a car accident. They can face anything from jail time to paying hefty fines. To prevent damaging one’s driving record for good, a person should call an attorney to see what defenses they can claim in court to reduce their fault and in turn have their legal consequences diminished significantly.