Tragedy Strikes Cape May Harbor: New Jersey Man Dies in Boating Accident

Early Wednesday morning, a boating accident in Cape May Harbor claimed the life of 45-year-old Christopher Heitman of Cape May. According to police, Heitman was operating a 17-foot boat at 2:21 a.m. when a dredge pipe broke free from its mooring, entering the channel. The boat then struck the pipe, causing Heitman and another man to fall into the water.

While the second man was able to return to the boat, Heitman was later found unresponsive and was pronounced dead.

Investigation Underway

The incident is currently under investigation by both the NJ State Police and the U.S. Coast Guard. Details surrounding the dredging equipment and how the pipe became loose remain unclear. “A lot of questions,” said Captain Jack Moran with Sea Tow Cape May. He added that the dredge equipment had been in the harbor all summer and acknowledged other recent but less serious boating mishaps.

“We’ve had several calls or responded to several calls with vessels that have hit certain parts of the dredge pipe on either side of the harbor here,” Captain Moran explained. The issue appears to be that the equipment is often outside the channel, requiring boats to navigate outside the usual course.

The Safety Concerns

The Harbor, used as a staging area for the equipment, has seen several incidents of vessels hitting the dredge pipe. The incidents have raised questions about safety measures in place and whether anything is being done to prevent similar accidents in the future.

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