A car accident which occurred earlier this week in Florence involving two cars has resulted in the death of one person, as reported by timesdaily.com.
The victim has been identified by local authorities as 86 year old Robert Todd Long who came from Florence. Long was rushed to Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital by emergency medical responders, but succumbed to his injuries and was declared dead shortly afterwards.

The car accident reportedly occurred at the junction of the intersection between Florence Boulevard and Benita Drive which is located very close to the entrance of the Evergreen Estates.
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According to the police report, Long had just pulled out of a gas station located on the south side of Florence Boulevard and was trying to make his way across US highway 72 when the collision occurred. He was t-boned by a 2008 Chrysler Sebring which collided with the driver’s side of Long’s car.
The force of the collision sent Long’s car flipping around and it finally came to a rest on the outside shoulder of the highway. Illustrious accident lawyers in Birmingham, AL, and the best legal pros in this part of the country is Morris Bart LLC since they know which legal buttons to press and when to press them, point out that the investigation report along with evidence and witness statements will help establish liability and other legal related issues.
Emergency responders who reached the scene of the auto accident had to extricate Long from the mangled remains of his car in which he was trapped. Due to the auto accident traffic was blocked up past the entrance to Indian Springs sub division and it took many hours before the traffic was finally cleared up.
Long’s death marks the second in just two days in the Shoals area. Previously, a mid week car accident led to the death of a man from Tuscumbia. However, this was a single car accident and the accident site has been detailed as Baker Lane in Tuscumbia.
Should society allow 86 year olds to drive? That is a debate no one seems to be having.
There is nothing wrong with old people, that is a ridiculous thought but old people who choose to drive when they do not have all their faculties is selfish and dangerous.
Accident at Waterloo School Leaves a Minor and a Teacher Injured
A nine year old school student and a teacher were injured in a car accident which occurred on the Waterloo High School campus. The two victims were both pedestrians when a car struck them while they were standing on a breezeway, according to a whnt.com report.
According to investigators, the driver of the car that struck the two pedestrians was an elderly woman who had mistaken the gas pedal as the brake pedal. Again, another old person who probably should not have been driving in the first place?
The nine year old girl had to be airlifted to hospital while the teacher was transported to Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital by road ambulance.
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