Car Accident Law in New York: What To Do If You’ve Been Harmed by an Automobile as a Pedestrian

Every year, 300 pedestrians die in car accidents in New York. New York City is particularly affected because the city sees high pedestrian traffic. Despite efforts by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to crack down on speeding and reduce pedestrian deaths and injuries, WNYC reports that the number of people killed and injured remained steady 2015. Speeding, drunk driving, and failure to obey the rules of the road can result in tragic accidents and injuries. Those who have been injured often choose to seek  car accident lawyers Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein, LLP in New York to protect their rights.
Drinking and driving and pedestrian traffic can lead to terrible accidents. Recently, a Oklahoma State University Parade ended tragically when a drunk driver crashed into a crowd of parade-goers. According to the New York Times, a two-year boy was killed along with three others, and 49 people were injured. The driver crashed into the parade crowd which reportedly included mothers with strollers, small children, and elderly residents. The accident highlights the very real danger of driving while under the influence.
In New York City’s crowded streets, all it takes is one vehicle to cause serious injuries and deaths. Unfortunately, when victims are struck by cars while on bikes or while walking, they may not be fully aware of their rights and responsibilities. For instance, in order to make a “no-fault” insurance claim, pedestrians and bicyclists must file a police report. According to NYC Car Accident, a not-for-profit designed to inform accident victims of their rights, many New Yorkers are unaware that they are entitled to medical care following their car accident injuries. Information about what pedestrian victims should do following a car accident in New York city is also reportedly difficult to find.
In order to make a claim, however, victims need to make an accident report. If an accident has taken place, whether it is minor or serious, individuals should always call the police. Victims should be cautious about making any statements that imply blame. If you’ve been in an accident, you may be in shock, may feel guilty, or may be injured and in pain. It is important that you provide information when asked, but avoid making any statements that could put the blame on your shoulders.
Finally, an insurance adjuster may contact you asking for a statement, or for information. It may be wise to contact a car accident lawyer in New York City if your claim is being denied or investigated. Statements you make can affect your ability to collect money to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitative care. Any conversation you have with insurers may be recorded.
Even low-speed accidents in New York City can result in serious injuries. It is important that victims seek out appropriate medical care and protect their rights following an accident. If you’re recovering from an injury following a car accident, a lawyer in New York City like www.aeelaw.com may be able to help you.

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