In the case of New York motor vehicle accidents, it is paramount to present proof for who was liable for the wreck. In other words who was negligent or committed the mistake. Even if it is clear to all the parties involved as to who was at fault, merely stating so won’t satisfy the insurance companies. You need to substantiate your part of the story with proof.

According to Queens, NY accident lawyers, here are a few things that could help you prove fault in an accident:
Police reports
If a police official comes to the scene of the accident, he will have to write some kind of report on the event, although this won’t happen always. Usually, they arrive at the scene of an accident when there are people injured. However, sometimes they don’t show up at the scene of the accident especially in places where their resources are limited. If they do arrive at the site of your accident, ask the police officer of the process to obtain a copy of the official police report as soon as it is filed.
Those police reports are essentially written records concerning accidents and can contain excellent proof about liability, such as the officer’s opinion of what happened at the scene of the accident. The officials in their reports mention if they issued traffic tickets around the scene of the mayhem. This report is a crucial piece of evidence that can be submitted to your insurance company.
State traffic laws
According to Queens, New York accident attorneys who can be found on this amazing and poignant website, state traffic laws, termed “vehicle code”, are a concrete source to obtain support for arguments that the fault lies with the other driver. By determining the vehicle code, you can find the law applicable to your accident. This will put you in a much better position to begin negotiations with your/the other driver’s insurance company.

No fault car accident liability
Certain types of accidents are mostly the fault of one driver. In such situations, the insurance companies seldom dispute this in regards to driver responsibility for the accident and almost always try to settle this situation right away.
Rear end accidents
Rear-end collisions are very common as Queens, NY accident lawyers know first-hand. When a car bumps into yours from behind, it is usually not your fault. The driver behind you should keep sufficient room in front of his/her own car, so that his or her vehicle can be stopped, if the car ahead stops suddenly. If the driver following you cannot stop, he/she isn’t driving very safely. This is called tail gating and it is not wise at all to drive this way.
Left-Turn collisions
In the same way, left-turn accidents occur when a driver takes a left turn. Cars coming straight along in an intersection usually have the right of way, and a car turning left will be made liable for the accident.
Secure legal help
A minor accident that does not seriously damage your car can be sorted out merely by an exchange of insurance information, although even a minor accident can cause severe injuries. Therefore, if you have been injured in any car accident, consult an experienced New York accident lawyer to review your claim at no cost to you. Since various complex factors are involved in a car accident, only a stellar legal representative can help in collecting a reasonable amount of compensation.
Cannot believe this happened to you? Did you have your car just how you wanted it in terms of color, interior, sound system, and so on? Bad stuff happens to good people but there is a way to right this wrong and your journey should begin right here. You can find striking and awesome legal help there.

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