A car crash that occurred in Scott County, Kentucky, earlier this week has tragically taken the life of a 13-year old girl and has also caused moderate to serious injuries to four other persons, according to a Wlky.com report.

The authorities have confirmed that the girl was a resident of Lexington. The girl has been identified as Emily Sams who was a student of the eight grade in Bourbon County Middle School. The 13-year old was travelling along with her parents in a pick-up truck when tragedy struck. According to police reports, the deceased girl’s mother is currently in critical condition and the father is injured but responsive and seemingly in stable condition at the moment. The parents have been identified and Shella and Jeff Sams.
No seat belt
Unfortunately for the 13-year old girl, the crash sent her body flying out of the truck and investigators are doubtful that she was restrained by a seat belt. This is not something that makes Louisville accident attorneys very proud to hear. Supposedly, the pickup truck that was occupied by the Sams family crashed into another car. The car had two occupants who also sustained some injuries but are expected to make a quick and full recovery soon.

According to the details provided by the some of the people involved, the car with the two occupants suddenly went off the road way and then over corrected thereby colliding into the side of the pickup truck which sent the pickup truck off the other side of the road and it flipped over twice before finally coming to a halt.
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Simulated distracted driving reveals how dangerous the act can be in real life
An experiment conducted in Louisville, Kentucky by the Mobile Texting Display Truck Experience has proven to the people that took part in the simulation and others that were watching that distracted driving is in fact more dangerous than drunken driving as a distracted driver is much more out of control of the vehicle than an impaired driver, as reported by Whass11.com.
People that stepped up to have a go at driving the simulator while attempting to send text messages at the same time did not farewell at all. Most of them ended either crashing or running dangerously out of their lanes.
Personal injury and accident laws in Kentucky – the essentials
Any injury or damage sustained as a direct result of due negligence on part of another party qualifies for a personal injury claim in Kentucky. Anyone that is seeking financial compensation for such damages will do so without any hassles provided that they appoint an experienced Louisville accident attorney who is aware of all the laws surrounding personal injury and accident lawsuits.
Some of the more basic rules that all residents must make a mental note of are the ones pertaining to time limits and comparative fault. To begin with, Kentucky state law allows a plaintiff one year within the date of the incident or accident before which they should file a complaint, any lawsuit filed after this deadline may be dismissed as per the statute of limitations.
Another important fact to remember according to Louisville accident attorneys is that Kentucky is a comparative fault state that establishes which party was at fault for the accident and to what extent they were at fault and instruct them to pay for damages accordingly.

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