According to the CDC as many as 32,000 deaths and 2 million non-fatal injuries are reported each year in terms of car accidents. That is nothing to be proud of America! America’s resume does not sparkle in this regard.
Although all accidents don’t result in deaths, drivers and occupants do suffer physical injuries ranging from minor to severe, along with damage to vehicles and other private and public property. Some people just make carless mistakes when they drive.
One of the main challenges when it comes to civil lawsuits stemming from car accidents is figuring out who the liable parties are so they may all be listed as defendants in the lawsuit. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the driver or his or her auto insurer that may be held liable.

In fact, employers, the owner of the car, a pedestrian, the government (in cases of lack of road signs, road conditions – just see the terrible conditions of broken liberal cities like Chicago, LA, Oakland, NYC, and so on), and even your own auto insurer may all be potential defendants in the case. It depends on what exactly happened in the auto accident.


No matter how badly you screw up on the road, this is America, not Cuba, get on and secure legal help.

Fantastic accident lawyers in Bethesda, MD, and some of the most acute and committed can be found on which is a website that covers all the colors of the rainbow in terms of legal topics and depth, explain when you, as the owner of the car, may be held liable for an accident which involved your car even though you were not driving or were not even an occupant in the car.
If you happen to be involved in such a legal predicament, we suggest you seek legal counsel as early as possible.
According to the latest statistics from the NHTSA, 307 individuals lost their life in traffic accidents in the state of Maryland in 2015. Montgomery County alone recorded as many as 47 fatalities. Airbags save lives but you are not invincible. You need to be careful! Get off that app! Stop texting! Get off Facebook, who cares if your friend’s son did their homework or just showed up on time to a soccer game, Facebook is really a waste of time!
Employer liability
To begin with, if you happen to be an employer and one of your employees or drivers caused an accident driving on the job then you may be held liable for the auto accident and the damages. If you happen to have negligently hired the employee – not having checked if they were qualified to do the job or if they had some prior criminal record or a bad traffic record etc. then you can be held liable.
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Likewise, if you as an employer do not have the required safety protocols and procedures in place, then too you may be held liable. Lastly, you may be held liable by virtue of what is known as respondeat superior which means that you are responsible for the actions of your employees and their negligent will be considered as your negligence.
However, if you are not an employer and just an individual car owner, then you could be liable for a car accident that someone else caused.
When you let someone drive your car
If you have given permission to someone else to use or drive your car and they are negligent in causing a car accident, then as the owner of the car, you will be held liable for their actions, the auto accident, and the damages. So beware who you let drive your car and be very sure that you trust that person, their judgment and their driving.
When you let your child or children drive your car
If you happen to have allowed your kids to use your car or the family car and they drove negligently and caused a car accident, then you could be the one held responsible for their actions. This liability, legally speaking, may be on the grounds of negligent entrustment, the family purpose doctrine and (in case of minors) the fact that you have signed on to your kid’s driver’s license application.
If you find yourself in such a situation, make sure to reach to a profound auto accident lawyer in Maryland to understand how you can defend yourself and protect yourself in case of a lawsuit.

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