Two children have tragically died after being involved in an auto accident in Clayton County. The unfortunate incident occurred on Tuesday just a few miles from Atlanta, as reported by
According to police reports, the accident was caused when a woman that was operating a Honda Accord drove the Honda from a subdivision on Scott Road when it was struck by a semi-truck. As per Officer Hal Weiner from the Clayton County Police Department, the driver of the semi actually had the right of way. However, he did not blame the woman for the accident.

Children dead
He said that they were still investigating the crash and all they knew for certain is that she entered the intersection and got t-boned by the semi-truck. Two children, a 5 year old boy and a 6 year old girl were both killed in the crash. Everyone, including Atlanta, Georgia accident lawyers are horrified by this information.
The roadway was buzzing with traffic on that day. However, because of the heavy flow of traffic, most vehicles traveled at speeds of over 55 mph, according to Officer Weiner.
Investigators are yet to identify the woman and the deceased children. They believe that she was the mother of the two children but are yet to verify that. The woman herself survived, but sustained a serious leg injury. She was said to be distraught and authorities were not able to get any information out of her right away. On the other hand, the driver of the truck escaped unscathed. The truck driver commented that had he been towing a trailer he was pretty certain the woman would have been killed in the accident as well.
Motorcycle crash in Cobb kills US marine
The decedent has been identified by investigators and Atlanta, Georgia accident attorneys as Kyle Bowersox. Bowersox was a 21 year old fourth generation marine who had been granted leave so he could surprise his mother in Marietta, Georgia. His mother had just completed a back surgery.
Sadly, Bowersox was tragically killed on Friday last week died when he was ejected from the Honda motorcycle he was riding on Kennesaw’s Busbee Parkway, 27 miles from Atlanta. Bowersox’s mother commented saying that she knew the world wasn’t a fair place, but it was going to be an even darker place without Kyle. His mother may find some brighter thoughts though if she visits This other driver looks to be at fault here as described right below and with the right Atlanta accident lawyer who can be found on the site just mentioned, something positive could come out of this tragedy.
Emergency Medical Services
In the accident itself, Bowersox was riding a Honda motorcycle when a Toyota driver who was attempting to park the car suddenly pulled out in Bowersox’s path. Bowersox instinctively slammed the brakes hard to avoid colliding with the Toyota but this sudden brake application caused him to become ejected from his bike seat. His Honda continued without a pilot and smashed into the Toyota.
Georgia accident laws
According to Atlanta accident attorneys, there is a separate section of Georgia state laws pertaining exclusively to accidents and personal injuries. These laws are extensive and it takes years of studying law to gain a thorough understanding of these laws.
This is exactly why anyone involved in an auto accident and looking to be compensated for the damages incurred will undoubtedly require an experienced Georgia accident lawyer to navigate them through the intricate legal technicalities and procedures, and make sure they receive fair compensation for damages.

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