A two car accident which occurred in downtown Nashua has resulted in two persons involved in the auto accident sustaining serious injuries. The injured have been hospitalized and are currently receiving treatment, as reported by unionleader.com. The police report describes the car accident site as the front of The Hunt Home for senior citizens, located on 10 Allds St.

Law enforcement officers say that firefighters who responded to the auto accident had to use extrication equipment such as the Jaws of Life in order to free one of the victims who was trapped inside the mangled remains of one of the cars which accident lawyers in Nashua, NH know this means it is a serious auto accident.  
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Both of the seriously hurt persons were occupants of the same car that clearly suffered the worse fate. Both the occupants were rushed to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center where they received treatment by the trauma team for serious injuries.
The auto accident is still under investigation by the Nashua Police. There were ten fire fighters who were dispatched to the scene of the auto accident from the Nashua Fire Department. Profound accident lawyers in Nashua, NH explain that the investigation report and other evidence will prove vital in establishing liability and other legal related issues.
Man from Massachusetts Slapped with Charges for Causing Car Accident in Nashua
A man identified as Scott Bourque, a 25 year old from Massachusetts, has been charged with felony drunk driving after he allegedly caused a car accident earlier last week when he crashed into another car on Allds Street, according to unionleader.com.
In addition to his felony drunk driving charge, he has also been slapped with driving on a revoked or suspended license which is also considered a traffic violation in the state, according to New Hampshire accident attorneys.
As per law enforcement officers who responded to the crash, Bourque was driving under the influence and this was the major contributing factor of the car accident. The charge pressed on Borque is a class B felony and if convicted, he could be imprisoned for up to seven years, say expert Nashua, NH accident lawyers.
Impaired drivers make a plenitude of mistakes on the streets including weaving, not operating their break right, driving without headlights, running red lights, not using their turn signal, driving aggressively, and speeding.
Currently he has been released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bail. Borque is scheduled to appear in court in February.
High Speed Chase Ends with Death of Nashua Woman
A necn.com report indicates that a woman identified as 26 year old Jessica Garcia died after she led police units on a high speed car pursuit in Nashua mid-week. The pursuit started when she was pulled over and then decided to flee from a state police officer during the traffic stop on Everett Turnpike in Nashua near exit 8.
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