A multiple vehicle accident in Hancock County has resulted in one fatality and multiple injuries. According to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred on Sunday afternoon on State Road 12 at the intersection between TR 215 in Cass TWP, as reported by nbc24.com.
Not good for Mimi Green
According to investigators, 19 year old Mimi Green of Fostoria was travelling in a Southerly direction on State Road 12 when she ploughed into a car driven by 50 year old Stacy LaFountaine. The latter’s car was stationary when it was struck. She was stopped waiting for traffic to subside so she could make a turn to continue southbound. The impact sent LaFountaine’s car skidding into the northbound lanes of State Road 12 where it was ploughed into yet again by another car. The third vehicle was being driven by 42 year old Robert Sasse from Findlay.

LaFountaine’s car was occupied by 77 year old Jane Fishpaw from Fostoria. She sustained critical life threatening injuries and was transported to Blanchard Valley Hospital where healthcare professionals pronounced her dead. Her family and/or friends are in the pursuit of hiring a Toledo, Ohio accident attorney to make sure the other side pays for this wonton disregard for other driver’s safety.
Other persons involved in the crash were all taken to hospitals and evaluated. A couple of them have already been released. Mimi Green’s condition is not clear at this moment. She was air lifted to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Toledo. She is not going to be happy when and if she comes to since she is going to have some serious lawsuits to face down.

24 year old Freemont man faces charges in fatal car accident
24 year old Jacob Greer from Gibsonburg faces serious charges including two counts of aggravated vehicular manslaughter after causing a fatal car accident which claimed the life of 27 year old Sean Lutzmann of Oregon, according to a report by thenews-messenger.com.
After the crash, Greer was taken to Mercy St. Charles Hospital where he was evaluated and released as being in a stable condition. After his release, Greer was interrogated by a law enforcement officer and claimed that he was unsure what speeds he was travelling at prior to rear ending a car in front of him. The vehicle that was rear ended was a Buick LaSabre operated by Lutzmann.
The impact sent the LaSabre careening into a Honda Fit. Greer also confessed to having consumed an anti-anxiety pill that he claims was actually prescribed to his sister who gave it to him since he was complaining of anxiety. This is a legal mess and Toledo, Ohio accident lawyers have been heavily involved.
Ohio car accident and personal injury laws
According to Toledo accident attorneys, accidents and personal injuries are governed by an extensive set of laws in the State of Ohio. These laws include time limitations to file the lawsuit itself, rules on how fault is determined, rules on how the negligent parties will be financially liable for damages, etc.
It is not practical to expect a layman to be thorough with these laws but a strong understanding of the laws is definitely required during litigation especially if you are looking to be compensated for the damages you have incurred. This is not the time to grab some legal information from CNN or from your friend who knows a lawyer. You have to have credible sources such as USAttorneys.com and some of the best attorneys in the area are found on this exceptional legal website.
This is why it is imperative that you hire an experienced Ohio accident lawyer without any delay. Your legal representative will be able to guide you through the complex legal paperwork and procedures and will ensure that you receive the money you rightfully deserve.

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