Car gets stuck in roof of Zachary house after single vehicle accident

Zachary, LA – Some auto accidents can create severe property damage that endangers people nearby. A woman in Zachary needed to be rescued by the fire department after her car ended up smashing into an attic [1].

Car gets stuck in attic of home after driver loses control

The homeowner said he heard a loud noise that sounded like an explosive, then he looked to see a car lodged into the top of his house. According to the report, they believe the woman driving the car may have had a medical emergency and lost control of the vehicle. She was transported to a hospital in the area for treatment, but crews on the scene are still unsure of how the car was able to gain enough height to end up near the roof of the house. One of the first responders said he had never seen an accident where a vehicle gained such height. 

There were two children in the house at the time of the crash, but they exited through the back of the house and were not harmed during the incident. However, fire department workers were concerned that the house could collapse, as both the structure of the home and the vehicle were severely damaged from the impact. Aside from the woman in the vehicle, there did not seem to be any other injuries or vehicles affected by the crash. 

Photos of the scene showed fire department workers tending to the car in the attic, and the vehicle appeared to have flipped upside down as it made contact with the structure. 

Paying for property damage

In situations like this, it is likely that the driver’s liability insurance will cover the damage to the house. This is because all drivers in Louisiana are required by law to carry auto insurance that is capable of covering several thousand dollars worth of property damage. However, it is also possible in a situation like this that the property damage will be very expensive, and the driver will be personally liable for any additional amount that is not covered by their insurance policy. The people who sustained the property damage will likely speak with an accident attorney and see if they can recover the costs of the losses to their home. 

Accident attorneys are available

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