Metro Train and Car Incident Shakes Santa Monica

The streets of Santa Monica experienced significant disruption this past Saturday when a Metro E-Line train collided with a car at the intersection of Colorado Avenue and 7th Street. This incident, the first major collision of the year in the downtown area, led to closures along Colorado Avenue, stretching from Lincoln Boulevard to 5th Street.

Recurring Concerns on Colorado Avenue

Colorado Avenue has been a hotspot for vehicular mishaps, witnessing numerous incidents annually. A pattern of illegal left turns and red-light violations have been the primary culprits behind these accidents. This recent collision underscores the ongoing safety challenges on this busy thoroughfare.

A Series of Train-Car Collisions

The collision on Saturday is the latest in a string of similar incidents involving the E-Line Metro train and civilian vehicles. In just eight months, this area has seen five such collisions. The most notable incident occurred during rush hour on January 12, when a car collided with a Metro train at the 11th Street intersection and then fled the scene. Another significant incident last year involved a car making an illegal left turn at the 14th Street crossing. These accidents highlight the critical need for heightened awareness and adherence to traffic rules.

Metro Train Safety Measures

Following the collision, the Metro train will undergo a thorough inspection to assess potential damage, as per standard safety procedures. Efforts to enhance rail visibility have been a focus for Metro, with the installation of distinct train signals, active warning signs, and informative signage. These measures aim to improve safety for both motorists and pedestrians.

Legal Implications and Assistance

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