A woman from Utica has lost her life after she was involved in a road accident involving three cars, as reported by cnyhomepage.com. The car accident site has been described as the intersection between Route 5 and West German Street located in Herkimer as per the police reports pertaining to the auto accident.

The deceased has been identified as 48 year old Karen Fuller who was travelling in a car with her 55 year old husband Scott Fuller and was seated in the front passenger seat. Their car was struck broadside just as they turned left on to West German Street and left the eastbound lane of Route 5.
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The car was also occupied by 21 year old Austin Fuller who in the back seat and he suffered severe head trauma due to the car accident. Emergency medical technicians who responded to the auto accident checked on Karen Fuller and rushed her to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Utica where she was pronounced dead shortly after she was brought in.
According to the police report filed by the New York State Police, the auto accident was caused by a car that supposedly ran a red light at the intersection where route 5 crosses West German Street and ended up t-boning Fuller’s car.
The suspect in the case has been identified as 60 year old James Schulze who hails from Ilion. Schulze also sustained injuries and had to be transported to hospital for treatment. Schulze was travelling with a 34 year old passenger named Jessica Groom and she had too was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Utica. The occupants of the car that ran the red light suffered only minor injuries say car accident lawyers.
The third vehicle involved in the auto accident was operated by 53 year old Faizi Chanje from Utic. The car was making a right onto Route 5 when it was struck by Fuller’s car. Chanje escaped the accident unscathed. The car accident is still under investigation. Charges against Schulze seem likely at this point, say expert accident lawyers in New York who can be on the judicious website USAttorneys.com which gets people out of legal hot corners every day and gives people a fighting chance.
Walking around alone at 4 am in the morning is unwise, certainly for a female. There is nothing wrong with sleeping at that time. With that said, hit and run is wrong and you can fool man, you cannot fool God!
 Step Father of Accident Victim Exposes Public Safety Agency’s Failure to Show Regard
According to a nytimes.com report, 21 year old Tishira Japa was struck by a car which resulted in a pelvis broken in seven places among other injuries and damages. Her step father, Allen Sneed, has since been behind the authorities to see what action, if any, has been taken against the driver (particularly in finding him) who evaded the scene of the car accident.
Sadly, Sneed is being given the run around by the law enforcement unit and has now been told that they simply have no record of any auto accidents or hit and run on Fordham Road on Dec 17th at 4 am.
Don’t be walking around at 4 am!
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