A woman identified as Carol Isom was killed after being involved in a car accident which supposedly resulted from a police car chase and Philadelphia, PA accident lawyers are bothered by this but relieved the villains have been captured. Relatives and friends of Isom are heartbroken and are in mourning. The tragic auto accident occurred midweek in West Philadelphia, as reported by ABC.

According to law enforcement authorities, police officers were pursuing two men who were wanted in connection with a shooting near Westminster Avenue that evening. Right after the suspect fired shots and was driving away, law enforcement officers were quick to get on his tail and give chase. Unfortunately, the reckless suspects ended up crashing into a Kia operated by Carol Isom, an innocent woman who had absolutely nothing to with the shooting.
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Isom was rushed to a medical facility where she was pronounced dead by medical staff shortly after being admitted.
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross did make a statement saying that pursuits were dangerous to police officers and pedestrians, but unfortunately, it was something that they just have to do in order to nab the bad guys. The two bad guys here will be going away for a long time.
According to Philadelphia, PA accident lawyers, the policies and legislation in Philadelphia regarding police pursuits are very strict indeed and unless it is a forcible felony, law enforcement officers will call off the pursuit if they deem that it puts pedestrians in danger. In this case, however, it was a forcible felony. It does not get much more criminal than shooting at someone and driving away public.
The shooting has been caught on camera and also a 9mm gun was found on scene and collected as evidence by law enforcement officers.
Supposedly, a third man was admitted into a local hospital that same evening with bullet wounds. He is believed to be involved in the shooting, but he is not being cooperative so far. Pennsylvania accident attorneys also point out that the investigation report and other evidence gathered will play a vital role in establishing liability and other insurance and legal issues.
All these men are going to prison eventually and good riddance to them. They will not be missed.

Five-Car Pileup in Western Philly Leaves 6 Injured Including 3 Children
A five car crash in Western Philadelphia has injured three children and three adults. As reported by 6abc.com the children include a 6-year old boy, and two 3-year old girls. The boy suffered from internal bleeding and multiple fractures while both the girls were inflicted with some facial bruises. They have now been hospitalized and are said to be in a stable medical condition. The car accident occurred in the intersection between 57th and Walnut Streets at around 2 in the afternoon.
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