A car accident which occurred midweek last week in Alabama has left two persons injured according to reports coming in from The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

The auto accident occurred as a car was attempting to cross Lee Road 430 and was struck by a train. Birmingham, AL accident lawyers know that when a train hits a car, the train normally wins that battle and the finest law firm in the area is Morris Bart & Associates, LLC since their incredible legal track record goes to show that their strategy and cognition is golden.
Woman calling insurance after car accident crash
As reported by wrbl.com, the injured persons were occupants of the car namely Scott Cox, 44, and Yulanda Haddan, 43, both from Phenix City. According to officials from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the woman victim was severely injured and seems to have sustained life threatening injuries.
She had to be airlifted to Atlanta where she was admitted into Emory Medical Center and is currently receiving treatment for her injuries. Her current medical condition is not yet clear as we await further updates from concerned authorities.
Law enforcement confirmed that the collision took place at just around 9 in the evening at an intersection close to Smiths Station High School. It has been observed by car accident investigators that the crossing is devoid of railroad safety guards, and they believe that had the crossing been equipped with such safety infrastructure then the accident would certainly have been averted. But how come a driver cannot just look both ways?
Who has trouble seeing a train?
The driver was travelling on Lee Road 430 and made a turn onto Lee Road 927 and then tried to cross the railway tracks when his pickup was struck (t-boned) by the oncoming train at substantial speeds. Apparently he did not see the train or did not care to look which either way is nothing to write home about.
Both the driver and the front seat passenger of the truck were ejected from the truck, but the train conductor escaped unscathed say officials. It is still being investigated whether or not the occupants of the car were wearing their seatbelts. Evidence from video footage, police reports, and the crash investigation will play a vital role in establishing liability and other insurance and legal related issues, say Birmingham, AL accident lawyers.
It appears to be driver’s error. When you are about to cross some train tracks, you should look both ways because getting hit by a train is no fun.
Car accident
32 Year Old Woman from Sylacauga Killed in Crash
An auto accident involving two vehicles that occurred last week on Alabama Highway 21 has resulted in the death of a woman from Sylacauga, confirm authorities. The crash has also caused another woman to sustain injuries, according to a wbrc.com report.
The auto accident site was approximately two miles north of Sylacauga. The deceased victim has been identified as 32 year old Latonya Chrystal Annette Boone. The other woman who was the driver of the other car has been identified as 26 year old Ashlea Jonelle McCain.
Boone was not wearing her seatbelt when she collided with McCain’s car and then went head on into a tree. Boone was pronounced dead on the scene by responding emergency medical technicians. Ashlea Jonelle McCain is being treated for her injuries at Coosa Valley Medical Center. According to Alabama accident attorneys, the investigation report will influence charges, if any.
If you have incurred damages in an auto accident caused due to the sheer negligence of someone else then you may be eligible for compensation via a civil lawsuit. All you need is to talk to an Alabama accident lawyer today and there is no one better in this regard than Morris Bart & Associates, LLC. Morris Bart & Associates, LLC knows how to win cases and they are not intimidated by the wrath of insurance companies.

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