Cary North Carolina – Tragic Car Crash

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Tragedy struck in southwestern Rowan County when a fatal multi-vehicle collision took place on Tuesday night. In the aftermath of the devastating incident, it becomes crucial to ask yourself: Do you have the right legal representation if you find yourself in a similar situation? Don’t leave it to chance – discover the importance of finding an accident lawyer in Cary, North Carolina through


The emergency responders swiftly sprang into action, dispatched to West N.C. Highway 152 near Wilkinson Road, minutes before 10 p.m. As reported by the North Carolina Highway Patrol, a driver, attempting to overtake a tractor-trailer truck while heading east on Highway 152, collided with a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.


The repercussions of this collision were severe. The eastbound vehicle, entangled in a series of unfortunate events, also crashed into another car that was moving westward. The impact caused the vehicle to overturn onto its side, scattering debris across the scene, even striking the tractor-trailer itself, as the highway patrol revealed.


Tragically, the driver of the eastbound vehicle, James Calvin Smyre, lost his life due to the crash. In addition to this heartbreaking loss, other individuals suffered injuries in the accident, as confirmed by officials present at the scene.


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