Deadly Parking Lot Incident Rocks Indianapolis, Indiana

A routine Monday morning turned tragic at a Community Health Network office in Greenfield, Indianapolis, when a box truck involved in an accident led to the death of a pedestrian and serious injuries to another. The incident has shaken the local…

Deadly Train Collision Shakes Emison, Indiana

A tragic accident occurred in Knox County near Emison, Indiana, where an SUV collided with a southbound train, leading to the death of an 18-year-old driver and serious injuries to two juveniles. This catastrophic event not only brings sorrow…
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Fatal Car Flip Shocks Marion, Indiana Community

A somber mood envelops Marion, Indiana, following a devastating accident that claimed the life of a local man. Christopher Paul Hisey, 58, died in a tragic single-vehicle incident on County Road 300 West this past Saturday afternoon. Accident…
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These are the most significant costs associated with car accidents in Gary

Gary, IN - Motor vehicle accidents result in billions of dollars worth of costs for drivers in the United States each year. While auto insurance helps pay for a large percentage of these losses, drivers still end up paying for their policies…
Merrillville, IN—Parking

How can an accident lawyer in Indiana help after a parking lot accident?

Merrillville, IN—Parking lot accidents happen more often than people realize and are generally caused by driver error. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), more than half of the drivers who participated in a public opinion poll…
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Examples of Wrongful Death Lawsuits that Can be Filed in Indiana

People make mistakes every day, and sometimes, these mistakes are responsible for causing someone else’s death. A driver might operate their vehicle recklessly, a doctor may injure a patient while performing a surgical procedure, or a store…
What happens if an individual is involved in a car accident while on the job?

Indiana’s negligence law may stop drivers who are partially at fault from collecting damages

Indianapolis, IN - If someone needs legal help after a motor vehicle accident, there are a number of different things that their attorney will do on their behalf. The most important goal is to file a civil case and win the lawsuit, even if an…

Speed And Wet Roads Caused The Death Of A Motorcyclist.

Hurrying along can be deadly sometimes. As busy as life is, people tend to drive faster to reach their destination. However, this can cause harm to the self and others. The following are the consequences of accidents and a legal battle with…

Fort Wayne buggy is hit from behind by a large van and two die

A crash involving an Amish buggy and a van resulted in the deaths of two people in Indiana.  Van slams into the back of a horse drawn carriage  The Parke County Sheriff responded to a motor vehicle accident at about 9:45 am on a Saturday…
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Intoxicated driver seriously injures Indiana State trooper in Gary Crash.   

  An Indiana State trooper was seriously injured early Wednesday when an alleged intoxicated driver rear-ended his vehicle, while he was responding to another crash in Gary. About midnight, the trooper was parked behind a disabled crashed…