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Tragic Delivery Truck Incident in Trenton, New Jersey

In the late hours of the evening on Route 130 South Bound at Crosswicks-Hamilton Square Road/Klockner Road, a devastating accident occurred involving a FedEx delivery truck and a pedestrian. This incident has not only caused significant disruption…

Paterson New Jersey – SUV Collides With Local Bagel Shop

Contact if you need to find a lawyer.   Unforeseen chaos disrupted the peaceful streets of Paterson, New Jersey, as an SUV forcefully collided into a local bagel shop on a fateful Wednesday. With eagle eyes capturing…

Hackensack Accident Lawyers and How They Can Help You

Hackensack Insurance Claims Lawyers A Hackensack insurance claims attorney can be of assistance with policy reviews and explanation, claims processing, and intervention against claims denials.  All of these actions are meant to protect policyholders,…
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What is a reasonable amount to ask for after being hit by a semi-truck in Bergen County, New Jersey?

A common question many truck accident victims often have after a collision is how much compensation they should ask for from the party who hit them. The answer heavily depends on how serious their injuries are and how they have impacted their…

New Jersey negligence laws are important to determine the outcome of a lawsuit

Marlton, NJ - When someone gets into an accident, they will require assistance from an experienced lawyer if they want to maximize their chances of collecting money to cover their costs through an accident lawsuit. Lawyers who spend their time…

Accident lawyers in New Jersey can rely on their past experience to assist future clients

Marlton, NJ - Collisions and other types of incidents will have a number of consequences for accident victims in New Jersey. Anyone involved in the crash may miss time from work and income, they may have their ability to work and earn in the…

Experienced accident lawyers can argue for substantial damages in Camden

Camden, NJ - Aside from the emotional pain and stress that a sudden accident can cause for a victim and their family, there are also very serious financial consequences when a person is injured and may not be able to work, or requires extensive…

New Jersey drivers should get advice about both insurance claims and lawsuits after an accident

Trenton, NJ - New Jersey always has large amounts of traffic because it is situated between the Philadelphia and New York City metro areas. This traffic often results in accidents and various other problems on the state’s roads. After a collision,…

Accident victims may be compensated with the assistance of an injury lawyer in Camden

Camden, NJ - There are a number of different types of accidents that can happen to people as they do things like work and travel on a daily basis. Motor vehicle collisions are very common sources of injuries, and there are even some less foreseeable…
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Camden County, New Jersey, 34-Year-Old Man Killed After Being Hit by a Box Truck

A tragic accident occurred back in April that resulted in the death of a 34-year-old male from Blackwood. Courier Post says Alex Ibbeken was struck by a box truck as it was backing up on the shoulder of the Black Horse Pike. After officials…
Toddler Among Five Killed in Horrific Car Accident in Rutherford, New Jersey
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Toddler Among Five Killed in Horrific Car Accident in Rutherford, New Jersey

A toddler was one of five individuals to suffer fatal injuries in an accident that occurred in Rutherford, NJ back in May. The New York Post reported that three females, a male, and a toddler had been occupying an SUV that was heading westbound…