What happens when a motorist is involved in an accident with a teen driver in San Diego, California?

A person was injured in a motor vehicle accident in Cedar Rapids, Iowa during a police chase

Police chase causes property damage and injuries

The local news for the Cedar Rapids area published a report that one person was injured because of a police chase through Linn County all the way to the town of Mount Vernon. The victim’s injuries were only described as non-life threatening. 

Police claim that the incident began when they attempted to stop a red Chevy Impala for a drug offense. When officers tried to make contact with the vehicle in the area of Highway One and Business Highway 30, the driver suddenly drove off and initiated the chase. The cars involved went all the way to the 400 block of 6th Street Northwest before the driver lost control, hit a garage door and another car. The Impala also went through another driveway and hit two more cars during the chase. 

The suspect fled the area after the collision. Police only described him as a white male. A 34 year old female who was the passenger in one of the cars was hospitalized. 

Who is responsible for injuries during a police chase? 

The driver who chose to break the law by avoiding the police, possibly speeding, or committing other crimes can be liable for any injuries that they cause, as long as they are found to be negligent in a related civil case. In this sense they are not treated much differently from any other driver.

Police departments have been sued at times for causing injuries during police chases as well. Many departments updated their policies in recent years to minimize the possibility of hurting or killing someone during a high speed chase. 

Payments for property damage

Another important aspect of civil injury lawsuits is getting payments for property damage. In some situations, a business or individual may have relevant insurance. It may be possible to simply file a claim and receive enough money to make necessary repairs. However, property damage can also be factored into the total amount a defendant owes in a civil case. Records of the accident can be used to prove the sum that the defendant should pay to the plaintiff for all of their losses. Sometimes, there may be related criminal charges that require the defendant to pay restitution to the property owner as part of a plea deal or a sentence. 

Get help from an accident attorney in the Cedar Rapids area

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