Cedar Rapids driver crashes into ditch on roadside

Cedar Rapids, IA – It is possible that single vehicle collisions are caused by many different things. While driver error is a common reason, it is also possible that things like poor road maintenance, defective vehicles, or construction crews may be implicated. It is helpful for anyone who has been involved in an accident to obtain a police report and the results of their investigation, and also to get legal advice and explore their options.

MSN News reported on an incident where a man from Cedar Rapids was injured during a single vehicle crash [1]. 

One injured during single vehicle collision in Linn County

Local police stated that the incident happened at the 3400 block of Feather Ridge Road at about 11:30 pm on a Monday night. They believe that the victim was driving his Dodge Dakota southbound when the driver could not maintain control of the vehicle and went into a ditch. The man was transported to a hospital in Linn County, Iowa to be treated for injuries. The exact cause of the accident still remains under investigation, but a photo of the scene showed the vehicle severely damaged and against a group of trees on the side of the road. 

Products liability lawsuits

In some situations like this, it is possible that the accident and injuries were caused by a defective vehicle. The victim has the ability to try to find out what happened, and then sue the vehicle manufacturer or another party if it is apparent that the crash was caused by defective parts or an improper design. In these kinds of cases, a manufacturer is generally liable as long as they released the defective product into the public for normal use. 

Other potential causes of single vehicle crashes

Roads should be kept clean and in a safe condition for drivers. Local governments are generally responsible for things like clearing debris, filling potholes, and closing down roads if they are too dangerous for public use. It is possible that a municipal or county government can be sued for a failure to meet this standard. If a construction company was responsible for creating unsafe road conditions when they were working, they may be sued as well. 

Accident attorneys in Cedar Rapids

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