If a car accident creates enough force to cause a fire, the vehicle becomes a very dangerous environment for anyone trapped inside. Unfortunately, these kinds of situations are likely to result in fatalities. 

Police responded to a fatal crash near Cedar Rapids, Iowa where one driver died in a fire.

Car bursts into flames after two impacts on local highways

Investigators believe that the situation began when the vehicle was going northbound on Highway 14. For an unknown reason, the driver seems to have lost control and went off of the right side of the road. A short time later, there was an impact between the car and a Department of Transportation sign near the roadway. After this first collision, the vehicle hit a cement pillar that was part of the Highway 20 overpass. A fire started after this second impact.  

Police believe that the driver died at the accident scene in the fire, but there is an autopsy scheduled and an exact cause of death had not yet been determined at the time of the report. A full investigation would be completed in the following days, as the specific cause of the accident was still unknown as well. 

The incident happened in Grundy County, which is located just northwest of the city of Cedar Rapids. 

Deadly accidents in Iowa

Whenever someone is killed in an accident, it is important to understand that their family members still have legal remedies available. A wrongful death lawsuit will allow certain relatives to act in the deceased person’s place and bring a case on their behalf. This will help the family regain losses related to funeral expenses and the person’s lost wages and income. There are also non-economic damages available to the family for emotional pain, suffering, and trauma. 

Negligence lawsuits

Both civil accident cases and wrongful death cases filed by a plaintiff must prove that the defendant was negligent. This is the legal term for when a driver breaches their duty of care on the roads and causes harm to someone else. The plaintiff must prove the four elements of the action, which include a relevant duty of care, a breach of that duty, causation, and damages. In most cases, causation is usually decided by showing which vehicles were at fault for the accident. Damages are proven through things like costs for medical treatment, property damage, and various other losses that are related to the accident. The plaintiff’s injury attorney will often provide evidence to support a claim for damages through things like accident reports and medical records.  

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