Local news for Cedar Rapids reported on a deadly collision involving a motorcycle in Buchanan County, Iowa

Motorcyclist is ejected from his vehicle on a highway in the middle of the night

The incident happened early on a Monday morning at about 3:45 am on Interstate Highway 380. Local sheriff’s deputies received an emergency call about a motorcycle accident at mile marker 50 on the interstate.  

The preliminary investigation showed that a 2004 Yamaha motorcycle was going northbound on I-380 when the driver suddenly lost control for unknown reasons. The man driving was ejected from his vehicle and his body landed on the road surface

One death was confirmed after the crash, likely the motorcyclist, but no identifying details about the person were released. The Iowa State Patrol would handle the full investigation of the incident. Other workers from Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office, fire department, and an ambulance crew all responded to the scene. 

Buchanan County is located just north of the city of Cedar Rapids. 

Determining fault in a single vehicle motorcycle accident

When only one vehicle is found at an accident scene, there are a number of different possibilities as to what caused the crash. Things like inclement weather, road obstacles, or a hit and run accident involving another driver who left the scene are all common explanations. 

Fault is an inquiry based on a number of factors. In a single vehicle collision, the driver is going to be at fault if their mistake was the actual cause of the accident. However, this decision gets more complex as more vehicles and road conditions are factored into the equation. 

Financial assistance from insurance claims or civil lawsuits

It is always necessary to contact your insurance provider after any accident. This helps start their investigation and the claims process. They may provide money for vehicle repairs and other losses, but this depends on your specific deductible and other terms of your policy. Insurance policies also have limits on their coverage, which usually means that serious accidents which cause thousands of dollars or more worth of losses will require legal action.

Civil lawsuits can compensate victims for large expenses such as medical bills, future lost income and wages, and even things like non-economic damages for emotional pain or funeral expenses after a deadly collision. A lawyer who focuses on this area of the law can give a litigation strategy based on your situation and advise you regarding your chances of success in court. 

Get legal help after an injury

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