Even if it is not a legal requirement, motorcyclists should always wear helmets and other safety equipment to protect against permanent injuries. 

An accident near Cedar Rapids, Iowa involved one man who was riding his motorcycle through Urbana Road in Linn County. 

Single vehicle accident results in one injured motorcyclist 

The crash happened at the area of 4670 Urbana Road around 5 pm that night. The Linn County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene to find a single motorcycle. Its operator had crashed while traveling westbound. They believe that while he was driving, he lost control and went off of the north side of the road and into a ditch as the bike rolled over. The rider was able to find a way to crawl back to the roadside while injured, to try to alert drivers going by that he needed help.   

The 61 year old male operator was not wearing his helmet when he crashed, which caused emergency workers to develop concerns about concussions or other traumatic head injuries

Center Point Ambulance immediately brought him to Mercy Hospital to be treated for injuries. 

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office was in charge of conducting a full investigation of the incident. 

Motorcycle collisions and serious health problems

Because a motorcycle offers its operator very little protection, there is a high risk of serious injury during an accident. This is exacerbated by the fact that many riders choose to not wear helmets, and adult riders are not actually required to wear them by law in many states. 

Aside from concussions, riders involved in a crash can experience permanent back injuries, trouble walking, and other devastating mobility problems. Along with the reduced quality of life that comes with these injuries, victims may not be able to work as normal or require consistent, long term medical care. These factors can also end up creating a huge financial burden, which is why it may be necessary to bring a civil case against the person responsible for the accident.  

Damages and civil lawsuits

One of the most important aspects of a civil case is to determine exactly how much money the defendant will have to end up paying the plaintiff. The legal term for this sum of money is damages. At the conclusion of every lawsuit, the plaintiff’s lawyer will tell the jury about all of the problems that the client has had to handle due to the defendant’s mistakes. They can talk about lost income, medical and hospital costs, and emotional pain and trauma that affected the victim’s livelihood. 

Get assistance from an injury lawyer

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