There is an app for everything, if you have a smart phone. But nearly every person you come in contact with today does have a smartphone and it is usually easily identified as they carry it in their hand, have it to their ear, or are interactively using it. Everywhere you go, cell phones are present, even inside vehicles. This is perhaps one of the biggest issues the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is seeing today as the number of highway fatalities in 2015 has had the largest annual percentage increase in 50 years according to the New York Times. And 2016 wasn’t any better as the first six months had a 10.4 percent increase from 2015.

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If you were involved in an accident due to a careless driver who was using their cellphone, contact a local accident attorney in St. Augustine today.

There is an App for Everything
Whether you want to listen to music, update your social media status, take a professional photo, handle your banking, etc., there is an app for that. But the way developers are creating the apps today seem to be contributing to the number of roadway accidents that are occurring. Even accident attorneys in St. Augustine, FL can concur that there are just too many accidents, most caused by someone who was using or fumbling with their cellphone. Take Snapchat for instance. Snapchat displays the speed a person is traveling at across the photo and Waze provides drivers with rewards when they report traffic jams and crashes.
While it seems there are efforts to reduce the number of car collisions occurring, it also would appear there are technologies being created that actually encourage the use of a cell phone while driving.
Are Cell Phones Ever Safe to Use Inside a Vehicle?
If you are a passenger who isn’t distracting the driver in any way, then yes, you can use your cellphone while inside a vehicle. But drivers should refrain from engaging in the act because too many lives are being taken, many young teens who haven’t even had a chance to experience all of what life has to offer. Many technologies have come forth to help reduce the chance of a driver actually using their cellphone such as Bluetooth headsets and car Wi-Fi but even these aren’t considered safe anymore.
Although you may not be physically touching your phone, your brain is occupied when speaking to Siri through your vehicle’s Wi-Fi or taking a phone call with your hands-free headset. The fact is, if you are doing anything besides keeping your eyes on the roadway and your hands on the steering wheel, then you are contributing to the risk the roadway brings and could potentially be the cause of a roadway accident.
What to do After Engaging in an Accident in St. Augustine
As the NHTSA works diligently to try and find ways to reduce the number of car collisions that occur, they still seem to be transpiring. And if you or a loved one of yours was injured recently, consider contacting USAttorneys today where you will be assisted in finding a local St. Augustine accident lawyer immediately.

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