Shreveport Police have reported that 7 year old adolescent De’Asia Henderson succumbed to her injuries after being involved in a roadside accident. She was a first grade student at the Barret Paidia Academy. According to Shreveport accident attorneys, charges against 46 year old Randy Presentine have been upgraded to vehicular homicide in the first degree after the little girl’s death.

Last Sunday afternoon, the Shreveport police were asked to respond to a major accident at the intersection of Youree Drive and E Herndon Street. The accident involved a red Dodge Avenger that rolled after ramming into a roadside pole and hit a girl sitting on her bike waiting for the lights to change on Youree Drive.
The girl was taken to the University Hospital by the Shreveport Fire Dept. with serious injuries. After examining the scene of the accident and cross examining Presentine, the police have found sufficient cause to arrest him on several counts and take him into custody. According to Shreveport accident attorneys, these counts are first degree vehicular negligent injury, driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance. The police are still investigating as to what caused the accident and will not release the victim’s name.
Peterson has a history of reckless driving
An examination of Presentine’s driving history revealed a tale of reckless driving evident from 40 traffic violations amassed over a period of 20 years. These violations include several for careless and intoxicated driving. It is strange that law enforcement has not been able to stop this man from driving a vehicle. Well, perhaps the county is a liberal one and does not believe in punishing wrongdoers. But Louisiana is pretty lenient on drunk drivers.
According to Shreveport officer, Lt James Bellotte, the law does not stop people from driving even if they have accumulated a large number of speeding tickets. Presentine was charged with drunk driving as one of multiple offences that afternoon.
The family of the victim put up a website to raise funds for her medical expense and have so far collected as much as $1,300.
Should the Police be given more control over the roads?
Sgt Mike Vaitkus supervisor of traffic control safety for Caddo’s Sheriffs Office concludes that in his 18 years in the department he has seen driving licenses being revoked from the elderly or those medically impaired.
He further says that unlike DUI offenses that grow in severity with each additional offense most traffic violations are not treated similarly. Louisiana would be the last state in the nation to introduce a point system for traffic violations where a specific number of points would attract penalties for the driver.
If such a system of points had been in place it might have deterred Presentine from making his latest traffic violation that resulted in homicide. He is now being held at the Caddo Correctional Center where he should confess to his crimes and see a priest. Presentine should not be allowed to walk freely again.
The traffic safety sergeant was of the opinion that the laws should be stricter than just permanent license suspension and ought to be harsher for anyone pulled over with a suspended license. Vaitkus points out that people should understand that a driving license is not to be considered as a right but only a privilege.

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