Teens in Charlotte, NC will be graduating from high school in just a few weeks and as you know, many celebrate this time by attending parties and other events to acknowledge their accomplishments. Unfortunately, this is a time when teens tend to drink, although it is illegal, so parents need to be sure they are doing all that they can to help prevent their teens from engaging in this type of behavior. So, what are some things parents can do to help reduce underage alcohol use?

  1. Talk with your teen about the issues that alcohol brings along with it. Mention to your teen the risks and consequences of underage drinking and set clear rules against doing it. Remember to enforce those rules as well.
  2. Never supply your underage teen with alcohol or buy it for them.Did you know that if you were to get caught providing your teen with alcohol or purchasing it for them, you could potentially be criminally charged and be faced with jail time and a hefty fine? Aside from that, you are encouraging your teen to engage in this illegal behavior which is not only harmful to them physically but also increases the chances of them engaging in a drunk driving accident in the event they or their friends are going to be operating a vehicle.
  3. Provide your teen with some safe alternatives.Many teens consume alcohol because of peer-pressure, the desire to try it, and because they see others who make it out to be something “cool.” And during graduation time, this seems to occur much more frequently. So, in order to deter them away from this, consider planning chaperoned alcohol-free parties for them and their friends during graduation so they don’t attend a party without you and feel obligated to drink because their friends and peers are drinking. It is also important to remind your teen that if they do decide to go to a graduation party and teens are drinking, you will be available to get them out of the compromising situation.
  4. Be a role model for your child.Parents are the number one influence on their children, so their actions affect their decisions. Remember to set a good example for your child in terms of your own alcohol use so they exhibit this behavior when you aren’t around.


Some other things parents can do to help reduce underage drinking this “graduation season” includes:

  • Reviewing with your child their plan for the evening and be sure they check in with you periodically. Keeping tabs on your child lets you know where they are at all times.


  • Remind your child to never get inside the vehicle with another teen or even adult who has consumed alcohol, no matter how much it may have been. Too many young individuals are killed in drunk driving accidents and you want your teen to have the chance to excel in life, not have everything taken away from them because of an irresponsible driver.


  • If you aren’t going to be driving your teen to and from their destination, know who is driving.


  • If your teen and their friends are going to be celebrating in your home, store your alcohol in a secure location where they won’t have access to it.

[Source: Isanti County News].
Graduation time is for a teen to commemorate all they have accomplished over the last few years. It is an important time in any teen’s life and the last thing you need is for something to happen to them all because they chose to engage in underage drinking. So, be sure you talk to your children prior to graduation and inform them of all the tips mentioned above along with those you feel are important.
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