Charlotte, NC- Charlotte Panthers’ Cam Newton suffered a back injury after he and another motorist were involved in car accident in uptown Charlotte Tuesday afternoon.
Few details about the accident have been released, but we know the accident occurred after 1 p.m. in Charlotte near the Bank of America Stadium,  according to CNN. Newton’s Dodge Ram truck overturned with some reporting that it rolled before coming to a rest.

Rollover Crash Graphic
Newton was taken to the hospital by ambulance, suffering injury to his back. CNN reported that Newton injured the transverse process, a small bone that protrudes from the vertebrae, and will most likely miss Sunday’s upcoming game, although reps for the Panthers have not confirmed that fact.
The Sports Injury Clinic says a fracture of the transverse process takes about three months to completely heal and can be very painful, but is not seriously debilitating injury.
The other car involved in collision suffered damage to the front end, and the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries according to multiple reports.
In a statement, Panther’s spokesman Charlie Dayton said he was not sure the extent of Newton’s injuries now could he say  whether Newton is able to play or practice in the next few days.
“Right now, we’ve thought about Cam’s well being and hopefully the well being of someone else in the other car who was injured,” said Dayton, according to USA Today. “Just hope that they’re all OK. We haven’t gone there.”
There is no word on who was responsible for the accident or what the cause was, but it is still under investigation by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.
Newton was fortunate not to have suffered a more serious back injury in the rollover accident. Back and spinal injuries are among the more common injuries sustained by car accident victims. The back is not meant to take the sudden jarring motion characteristic of a traffic accident. If you have suffered a back injury as a result of a car accident, you should consult with a personal injury attorney to determine what amount of compensation you qualify for.
A back injury can be minor and cause minimal discomfort for the victim. But often, a back injury can be very serious resulting in extreme pain for the sufferer and lead to permanent disability.
The most severe type of back injury a car accident victim can suffer is a spinal cord injury. These types of injuries very often result in permanent disability. These victims face exorbitant medical bills and prolonged rehabilitation. Many suffers can become paralyzed if the spinal cord is severed and will thereby require long-term and costly care.
Even a minor back injury can lead to lifelong pain and diminished quality of life for the car accident victim. Such back pain can limit a sufferer’s level of activity and make them unable to hold certain occupations.
When you have suffered a back or spinal injury in a car accident, its critical you discuss your case with an accident attorney so you know the true value of your injuries and receive the settlement amount you need to lead a quality life.

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