A man whose identity is being withheld from the public until his family and friends have first been notified has succumbed to his injuries which were sustained in a fatal paper mill accident that occurred on Friday last week, as reported by Timesfreepress.com.
Accident investigators have confirmed that the man was originally from Chattanooga and was a worker of Jake Marshall Mechanical Contractors based in Chattanooga.

The accident occurred at Kraft Mill Plant situated in Calhoun. Investigators are currently in the process of trying to reconstruct or re-simulate the accident to comprehend what went wrong and what can be done in the future to prevent such paper mill fatalities. In cases like this family members can grasp hold of the site USAttorneys.com to make sure their family member is properly remembered and to help make sure this type of accident does not happen again.
Bus accident near Chattanooga injures 17 occupants including driver
16 passengers and the driver of a church bus have sustained injuries after the bus was involved in an accident and were all rushed to Skyridge Hospital for treatment, according to Wkrn.com.
The crash occurred last week on Friday morning as the occupants made their way to Church, the crash happened on Freewill Road, just outside of Chattanooga.
The Cleveland Police Department are currently investigating the crash and are attempting to collect statements from everyone involved and people that witnessed it so that they can successfully reconstruct the accident and determine the cause. The bus departed from South Carolina and was on its way to Ocoee Outreach, a trip it makes every year. Authorities have confirmed that all the injured parties apart from the driver himself are all juvenile.
Six of the seventeen injured have already been treated and discharged in a stable condition, the remaining 11 are still in Skyridge hospital and are currently being treated.

Dangers of trench work reiterated in work related accident in Louisville
A teenage construction worker who was only 19 has tragically passed away after being involved in a fatal work related accident, according to Kyclr.org.
The deceased has been identified as Jonathan Moore. Moore worked for Josh Lefevre Construction Co., a construction company based in Jackson, Tennessee. His body had to be retrieved from a ten feet deep hole. He was working on fixing a sewer pipe in the hole when dirt and concrete collapsed onto him and killed him.
According to accident investigators, emergency response medical technicians declared Moore dead on the scene and cited asphyxia and blunt force trauma as the reasons for his death.
Auto accident and personal injury laws in Tennessee
It is imperative for you, a loved one or anyone you know who was involved in a car accident or personal injury to consult and appoint a qualified and experienced Chattanooga accident attorney such as Sam Byrd. This outstanding attorney will give you a better shot at proving the negligence of the other party and therefore be successful in claiming damages that you rightly deserve.
Even though Sam is well versed with the law, it is important for all residents to become familiar with some of the basic legislation surrounding auto accidents and personal injury lawsuits.
According to Tennessee personal injury attorneys, accident, and personal injury claims are subject to a statute of limitations. This statute basically dictates that claims seeking damages for personal injury must be filed within one year from the date of the incident. The statute allows for three years for claims seeking damages for property or vehicle damage.
Tennessee is a “comparative-fault” state when it comes to auto accidents. This means that a person will be liable and responsible for financially compensating damages depending on how much or to what extent they were at fault for the accident. If you are in an accident, in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee, this is the site you want to check out: http://www.chatt-law.com.

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