Head On Collision

Three Hospitalized After Serious Car Accident in Chicago’s River North Neighborhood

CHICAGO (CBS) — A grave car accident has left three people hospitalized in serious to critical condition in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. The accident occurred on Tuesday near a bustling intersection, once again highlighting the importance of road safety in the city.

Accident Details

The Chicago Fire Department reported that the accident took place near the intersection of Ontario and Orleans streets. The severity of the crash called for immediate medical attention, and the injured individuals were quickly transported to local hospitals.

Victims and Hospitals

1. 59-year-old Woman: She was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious to critical condition.
2. 84-year-old Man: Transported to Stroger Hospital in serious to critical condition.
3. 81-year-old Woman: Also taken to Stroger Hospital, and like the other two victims, she was in serious to critical condition.

The immediate response by emergency services undoubtedly played a crucial role in ensuring that the injured individuals received timely care.

Investigation Underway

The local authorities have initiated an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. This will include analyzing the crash scene, interviewing witnesses, and conducting vehicle inspections. The findings may play a crucial role in legal matters that could arise from this unfortunate incident.

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