Certain traffic laws cause controversy if they do not actually make the roads any safer for drivers. Red light cameras have been a consistent problem anywhere they have been implemented around the country. It seems that they are essentially used as a source of revenue for local governments, and not because they actually prevent drivers from getting into accidents.

Drivers in the Chicago area may be more likely to experience accidents at intersections where there are red light cameras.

Data from one intersection shows that red light cameras actually create additional hazards for drivers

For years before they were installed, local police and certain other groups predicted that red light cameras may have negative effects on people’s driving behaviors and actually make the roads more dangerous. After they had been installed in Oak Brook, Illinois and several other cities around the country, numerical data shows that the cameras absolutely do not make the roads any safer.

The local police chief for Oak Brook released the results of a study conducted at the intersections of Route 83 and 22nd Street in the suburban Oakbrook Terrace neighborhood. This particular area was chosen because of the density of rush hour traffic in the area. It is known as a problem spot for local residents.

They found that more accidents have happened since the red light camera was installed. Data showed that the number of crashes at the intersection have essentially doubled compared to a couple of years prior when there were no red light cameras. The total number of accidents has gradually increased each year that they are being used. Interviews conducted with residents by the local news after the report was released received universally negative responses about the dangers, additional traffic, and other problems caused by the cameras. Many drivers admitted that they will slam on their brakes if they see a red light camera at an intersection.

One of the most dangerous behaviors caused by red light cameras is when drivers suddenly stop at an intersection due to fears of getting a ticket, and create a hazard for drivers behind them. Police call this action “panic stopping.” Due to concerns about this behavior and other problems, Oak Brook’s government sent a letter to the Illinois Department of Transportation asking for the permit to use the cameras within the municipality to be revoked. The permit was initially issued in August of 2017. A local politician was also indicted for charges related to bribery and tax fraud involving the company that operates the cameras shortly afterward, which further decreases their legitimacy.

The local police chief commented that he hopes something will be done now that they know the predictions which were made several years ago are coming true. The cameras are not making the area any safer for drivers, and there is really no reason to justify their continued use.

The local government plans to hold a meeting to formally review the data and discuss the situation before they report all of their findings and concerns to the state’s department of transportation.

Oak Brook is located just west of the city of Chicago on the borders of Cook and DuPage Counties.

Common causes of car accidents

Sudden braking is very dangerous and it is a frequent cause of accidents as drivers behind may not have enough time to stop. Despite the cause of any crash, drivers will still have the inconvenience of contacting an insurance company, getting an accident report from the police, and paying increased insurance rates. They may have to spend additional money on property repairs and costs related to the accident as well.

How attorneys assist accident victims

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If you have been involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident, it is important to retain legal help as soon as possible to have the best chance of winning your case.

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