A 70 year old woman died after she was attacked by a dog in the suburbs of Chicago.

Elderly woman is killed in her neighborhood by a dog

Police received an emergency call to respond to the Country Club Hills neighborhood in the south part of Chicago. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that the victim died at around 10:35 am on the day of the attack. Details about the specifics of her location and injuries were not available at the time of the news report. The victim’s name and age were the only facts released. The breed of the dog was also unknown. 

After an autopsy, the victim’s death was ruled an accident, but other fatal dog attacks have occurred in the Chicago area in the months prior. In Lake County, a 52 year old woman was found dead after her French Bulldog caused multiple bite injuries to her arms, legs, and torso area. That dog was rescued by the woman, but it had previously been used as a fighting dog and bred for that purpose. Two other dogs that were owned by this woman were also seized by authorities at the time, and experts commented that even smaller dog breeds can kill in some situations.  

Premises liability and dogs

Owners of dogs do have a legal duty to exercise care to ensure that their pets do not harm other people or cause damage to the public in general. When someone is bitten, mauled, or maimed by a dog attack, the owner can be sued to compensate the victim for any harm caused by their dog. 

Premises liability is the legal duty imposed on someone to keep areas where other people may visit in a safe condition. Even if an area is patrolled by guard dogs, the owners can be responsible if these animals cause injury or death. The owners of common areas in apartments and residential buildings may also be sued in Illinois if someone is injured during a dog attack in these places.

Theories of liability

The duty of care that is placed on dog owners is similar to other civil negligence lawsuits that are normally associated with motor vehicle accidents. If a victim can use evidence to show that the dog owner breached this duty of care, the owner will have to pay for treatment for injuries. In deadly accidents like the situation above, the person responsible for the dog may also be sued for things like funeral and burial expenses, in addition to standard damages. 

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