In addition to penalties such as traffic tickets or criminal charges for drivers who engage in dangerous behaviors while on the road, victims of their recklessness can bring lawsuits to make these drivers pay for injuries, property damage, and other losses. Some attorneys specialize in cases related to automobile accidents, and they can advocate on your behalf to make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law.

Chicago police and rescue crews responded to an accident in the loop where three people were injured. They all required medical attention and transportation to a local hospital.

Driver hits another vehicle during an improper turn

In the middle of the night, a male driver was attempting to make a left turn at an intersection near the first block of Lower Wacker Drive. His 2012 Acura SUV went into a 2015 GMC vehicle during the turn. The two vehicles were stuck together from the impact.

After the accident, the driver of the Acura had to be taken to Stroger Hospital to be stabilized. He suffered from serious injuries. The driver of the GMC was also brought to the same hospital in stable condition. A 29 year old female passenger who was in the GMC was pinned inside and had to be extracted by emergency crews before she could be treated.

The driver of the Acura received multiple traffic citations from the police, including one for an improper left turn and another for failure to reduce speed. It is unknown whether any criminal charges will be filed against the driver at fault.

Car accidents in Chicago

Every major city in the country has to deal with the constant reality of car accidents. The state of Illinois alone experiences about 300,000 car accidents each year, and a significant number of those accidents result in injuries which require medical attention. This problem affects insurance premiums, traffic patterns, and even results in a lot of additional work for local lawyers who represent various parties from insurance companies to accident victims.

People who are injured in an accident should contact a lawyer in addition to their insurance company to make sure the person responsible has to pay for any damage caused by careless driving, including lost wages, car repairs, and hospital bills.

Personal injury lawsuits

Personal injury law is the general term for most tort law cases that involve automobile accidents and other common situations that result in injuries. Many of these lawsuits are filed by plaintiff’s attorney as negligence cases. In the case of a negligence action related to driving, the initial complaint to begin the lawsuit states facts related to a driver who was not careful enough on the roads and hurt others.

What are negligence cases?

Each state has its own negligence laws codified into their statutes. This means that Illinois has slightly different rules for negligence than other states, but the general structure of these cases remains the same. A lawyer for the plaintiff needs to prove four elements to collect in a negligence lawsuit.

  • A relevant duty of care – which is to drive safely in cases related to auto accidents
  • A breach of the duty – such as not driving properly or violating traffic laws
  • Causation – related to the accident, which means that the driver caused injuries by failing to operate their vehicle properly
  • Damages – which is the legal term for the harm suffered by the victim and the monetary value assigned to these problems

Damages are especially important because they provide a value for the person’s missed time from work, hospitalization costs and medical treatment, and any continuing trauma or other problems tied to the initial accident. By discussing these issues with your lawyer, they can give a better estimate of the value of a case based on the specific injuries a person has endured. They normally use evidence such as medical records and accident reports, which can establish the severity of the crash and its monetary value.

Evidence of negligence

The incident in the news story above resulted in the police issuing traffic tickets to the driver who caused the accident. While the final issue must still be decided by a jury after a trial, the citations can be used by the plaintiff’s lawyer as evidence of negligence. As long as any tickets or charges filed by the police are relevant to the type of harm caused by the accident, they can be crucial in helping a lawyer establish fault and win their case.

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