Winter weather and snow on the roads in Chicago caused a massive accident that made national headlines.

Massive pileup happens early in the morning on local highway

The incident happened just before 6am on the Kennedy Expressway. In total, the local fire department found about 60 cars that were caught in the pileup after the situation was secured. Officials at the scene believe that low traction on the roads led to the initial crash, then other cars slid into those that were stationary from the earlier impact. Pictures of the crash scene showed the cars and roads in the area all covered in snow.

As rescue crews worked through the debris, fourteen injuries were found and the victims were sent to three different hospitals in the area. None of the reported injuries were believed to be fatal or life threatening. About 45 others who were involved in the collision had been examined by medical staff, but they did not get taken to hospitals or require additional medical treatment.

The Chicago Fire Department asked all drivers in the area to avoid the Kennedy Expressway entirely due to blocked roads nearby and the magnitude of the accident. They were also preparing for more accidents in the area due to the snow and low traction.

Motor vehicle accidents and negligence laws

Car accidents are one of the most common reasons for a personal injury lawsuit. As this situation demonstrates, there can be a large mix of vehicles and drivers who all experience varying levels of damage. While it is important for each driver involved to contact their insurance company immediately after the accident, legal help is important as well, especially if the accident caused serious injuries or property damage beyond what will be covered by an insurance claim.

After the collision, it is best to contact an attorney who is knowledgeable regarding the law of negligence in Illinois and how it will apply to your case. Most auto accidents are actually filed as civil negligence cases, and these are regularly handled by personal injury attorneys. There are comparative negligence rules that may affect how fault and damages are divided among everyone involved, especially in collisions that involve several cars.

Calculating damages and determining the value of your accident

After an accident, most victims will be suddenly hit with expenses for things like medical treatment and property repairs. It is best to keep records of all of these costs and provide them to your attorney to come up with an estimate for the value of your lawsuit. As a general rule, the more severe the injuries and damage, the larger the payout to the plaintiff. This means that, in most cases, accidents that cause only minor injuries will not be as valuable as those that put someone out of work for years and require serious rehabilitation.

Speak with a local lawyer after a collision

There are attorneys who focus on motor vehicle accidents and personal injury cases in the Chicago metro area. They can assist you with a lawsuit and other measures. Contact Budin Law Offices for more information.