Many residential areas have apartment units, condos, or other buildings that are constructed very close to each other. In these areas, it is possible that a small fire can cause large problems if it spreads to multiple structures and burns several victims. When injuries occur, it is best to look into various legal options including a civil lawsuit as a way to pay for treatment and related costs. Any individual person, business, or entity can be named as a defendant and be forced to pay for the damage that they caused.

A middle aged man was seriously injured during a fire in the Marquette Park area on the Southwest side of Chicago.

Fire department responds to neighborhood blaze and finds one man badly hurt

According to the local fire department, they believe that the blaze began at around 6:15 pm in a residential area. The source was most likely a home on the 7100 block of South Artesian Ave. Footage from the scene showed department workers on the roof with hoses in the process of extinguishing the fire. There were multiple points on the rooftops that had large amounts of smoke coming out.

One 50 year old male victim had to be taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. He was in serious to critical condition, and his chances of survival were unknown. When rescue crews from the fire department arrived, they were able to control the blaze within a short period of time.

The exact cause of the accident was unknown at the time of the report and the Chicago Fire Department said that they still plan on conducting a more thorough investigation. The situation also displaced several people, including four minors who needed to find shelter.

Although this fire could have been started in a number of different ways, various forms of electrical equipment and appliances are often the cause of fires in homes.

The cost of a serious burn injury

Personal injury attorneys assist people after all kinds of accidents, and burn injuries are some of the most serious. These types of injuries send large numbers of Americans to emergency rooms and trauma units over the course of a year. They can often require multiple surgeries and some of them never heal properly, even after several reconstructive procedures.

Medical treatment for burns that cause these types of long term health problems is always costly. If someone cannot work or function as normal due to their injuries, this results in additional inconvenience and expenses that are also related to the same underlying incident.

Common causes of burns

Despite obvious causes like large residential fires, people are also burned by electrical devices, work related injuries, chemicals, fuel, boiling water, and even smoking cigarettes. These kinds of burns can be just as serious as the ones caused by larger fires. Injuries from burns are also considered to be some of the most easily prevented if things like building codes and business regulations related to fires are followed properly and all necessary fire safety equipment is installed as required by law. When a business or property owner fails to follow these rules, they can be brought to court by a plaintiff who was injured by their negligence.

The law and personal injury cases

There are few general points which are relevant to almost all personal injury cases. First, these are filed as negligence cases, which means that there does not need to be any intentional harm or underlying criminal activity that caused an injury. The person or business responsible only needs to have made a mistake, or acted recklessly to be held responsible. Common causes of injuries like car accidents or work place accidents all have a relevant duty of care that needs to be followed. When someone fails to meet this standard, the first element of the negligence case can be met.

Damages are also a very important aspect of civil injury cases. This is the legal term for the value of all injuries, losses, and required treatment that a person must pay for as a result of their accident. When someone cannot work, these lost wages or missed future income can be the most significant costs. There are even non-economic damages that can be based on intangible amounts for emotional pain and similar mental or psychological problems.

Because damages can become complex in cases that involve multiple types of long term losses, it is best to speak with a lawyer before guessing about the value of any case. Attorneys can meet with potential clients and give specific more information.

Attorneys are available to speak with you

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