All major cities have issues with large vehicles that are owned by the government or transportation companies causing injuries to multiple people at once or destroying property. When this happens, victims should retain their own personal injury lawyer and consult with them regarding the possibility of a lawsuit or taking other actions against the owner of the vehicle.

A CTA Bus crash injured multiple people in Chicago just after rush hour on a Friday night.

Fifteen passengers require treatment after bus crashes on Chicago Ave

The accident was reported around 8:45pm at the intersections of Chicago Ave and Lorel Ave on the West Side of the city. A Chicago Transportation Authority Bus had been involved in some kind of collision, but the exact cause of the accident and information regarding other vehicles involved was not immediately available. Pictures from the scene showed emergency workers nearby and a large truck towing the bus away.

The Chicago Fire Department released a twitter post that stated EMS Plan 1 responded to the area. They also posted a list with 13 victims in green status for minor injuries, and one each in red and yellow status for more serious injuries. At least 15 total injuries were caused by the collision, but there may still be more pending. Police confirmed that one of the victims needed to be transported to a local hospital in critical condition. They also commented that a majority of the victims appeared to be in good condition.

The dangerous nature of bus accidents

Bus accidents are dangerous because by definition, a bus needs to be able to transport at least ten people at once. As the news story above shows, it is common for dozens of people to be hurt at once if a bus crashes with another vehicle or obstacles on the roads. These kinds of situations cause massive problems for both the victims and the business or government that operates and owns the vehicle.

Insurance to cover large losses related to transportation accidents

Many transportation companies or local governments that operate fleets of buses and other motor vehicles for similar purposes purchase some kind of high risk business insurance. This is done to cover losses that may reach into thousands or millions of dollars when several victims need to be paid for their medical treatment, missed time from work, and other related problems that are traced back to the crash.

This is beneficial to victims because special insurance helps make sure they will be paid appropriately. If a bus owner does not have high risk coverage, it can be difficult for them to pay out enough money to satisfy judgments from all of the victims.

Whether they have insurance or not, the person or company responsible can still be sued either way.

The services of a personal injury lawyer

Lawyers who focus on all kinds of motor vehicle accidents practice within a broad area of civil law related to personal injury. This is a general term for civil cases involving negligent or intentional actions that cause harm to people and entities.

Almost all auto accident cases are actually filed as negligence cases. This simply means that a driver was not careful enough while operating a vehicle and caused some kind of injury or loss to another person. Sometimes the person at fault can also be sued by their own passengers, rather than another driver, especially in the case of bus accidents and similar vehicles that carry multiple people at once. Bus drivers and other carriers are held to a higher standard of care in the civil law because of this potential for a massive amount of harm.

Settlement agreements and payments

Not every case against another driver will spend a lot of time in court and require a full trial. When one party is clearly at fault, they may want to make a settlement agreement with the plaintiff. This can be beneficial because the injured person will get most or all of their money while saving time and costs on legal fees.

Keep in mind that most civil injury lawyers work on a contingent fee, which means that they are paid with a portion of the money won from the lawsuit. This allows them to take a client’s case without the need for upfront payment.

Before considering any specific dollar amounts related to the lawsuit or the possibility of a settlement, it is crucial to get advice about your particular accident. A lawyer cannot make any estimates or offer guidance without knowing exactly what happened.

Get help from a local accident attorney

There are lawyers in the Chicago metro area who focus on personal injury claims and automobile accident cases. To learn more about the possibility of a lawsuit from an attorney who is licensed in Illinois, contact Budin Law Offices.