The state police department has arrested a college student they believe is responsible for a July traffic accident that resulted in the death of a New Orleans Department Officer Vernell Brown Jr. This officer’s family may want to utilize the marvelous legal website right here to help target some sort of compensation closure for this tragedy.

The accused, Norma Morales, 21 from Metairie, swung her Toyota Scion into a Ford Mustang near the interconnection of the US 90 and Interstate 10 on July 12th. The Mustang struck Brown, who was on duty attending to an earlier accident, and threw him on the roadway, according to The New Orleans Advocate. The officer succumbed to his injuries five days later. His death comes closely on the heels of the death of Officer Daryle Holloway, who was shot in June.
Morales has been booked for criminally negligent homicide and will need a New Orleans accident lawyer ASAP. According to the news report, the NOPD Sgt. Bernard Crowden of the Traffic Division wrote in a warrant that the accused “started the chain of events which lead to the officer being injured and subsequently dying.”

Not drunk – just sloppy driving
Reports say the officers recorded Morales blood alcohol measure at 0.058, which is under the legal permissible limit for driving of 0.08. Morales’ arrest warrant was secured by Crowden in August, and last week she was taken into custody at the federal district courthouse.
School bus collision
In another New Orleans road accident at the beginning of the month, a car was struck by a school bus in the Hollygrove locality early morning, as reported in the WDSU News.
According to the NOPD, a teen was headed northwards on Leonidas Street, when it crashed into the southbound school bus on Stroelitz Street. As mentioned in the official reports, the bus driver was unsuccessful in stopping at the stop sign and hit the driver side of the vehicle.
Earlier reports had suggested that a person was hit by the bus, which was later clarified to the car being struck by the bus.
Though no casualties were reported, there was outrage over the fact that several school children could have lost their lives in the crash. And this very fact is what has New Orleans accident attorneys looking into this case with precision.
New Orleans road accidents fundamentals
According to a research report compiled by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute ranking the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on both deaths per billion miles covered and fatalities for every 100,000 people, Louisiana was ranked 45 with 15.40 deaths per billion miles covered and number 38 with 15.69 deaths per 100,000 people.
Legal help from New Orleans accident lawyers is always available for victims of a car crash or other road accidents. You may be entitled to claim much more than just compensation. Expert and experienced accident attorneys are well-equipped to make claims on your behalf for ongoing treatment, counseling, medicine, and rehabilitation.
Other damages that can be claimed based on the circumstances of the accident can also include loss of income if you are permanently disabled and/or unable to earn your living due to the accident. Damages can be claimed for physical pain and mental agony as well.

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