Major Highway Collision in Fairmont Injures Four

A significant three-vehicle collision occurred on I-79 northbound near mile marker 131 in Fairmont, West Virginia, resulting in multiple injuries. The accident, involving a semi-truck and two other vehicles, happened around 8 A.M. today, necessitating a swift response from emergency crews. The severity of the collision led to one victim being airlifted to the hospital via Healthnet Aeromedical.

Rescue Operations and Traffic Impact

Upon arrival, firefighters worked diligently to extricate two individuals from the debris. Currently, the exact condition of the injured parties remains undisclosed. The incident caused a temporary shutdown of I-79 northbound for approximately an hour, leading to significant traffic delays until the scene was cleared.

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Conclusion: Legal Expertise Matters

This serious incident on I-79 in Fairmont highlights the importance of skilled legal assistance in the wake of road accidents. With the help of experienced attorneys, victims can navigate the legal challenges they face and secure the compensation and support necessary for their recovery and wellbeing.