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Fatal Pedestrian Collision in LeClaire Bar Parking Lot

In a sorrowful incident in LeClaire, Iowa, the quiet of a Saturday night was shattered by a tragic car versus pedestrian accident. The LeClaire Police Department has confirmed the identity of the victim as Leslie M. Powell, 44, of Bettendorf.

Devastating Turn of Events

The calamity occurred in the parking lot of Riverview Roadhouse, located at 701 N. Cody Road. Responding shortly before 11 p.m., law enforcement officials pronounced Powell dead at the scene, marking a somber moment for the local community.

Arrest and Charges

The police apprehended Molly Vance, 36, in connection with the incident. She faces charges of operating while under the influence (1st Offense) and homicide by vehicle- operating under the influence. The incident involved a 2003 Cadillac Escalade, which Vance reportedly reversed into a telephone pole before driving forward, tragically pinning Powell against the patio railing.

Legal Proceedings

Vance underwent standard field sobriety tests and recorded a blood alcohol content of 0.182, more than double the legal limit. She was held in custody at Scott County jail for approximately 10 hours before being released on bond, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for February 20.

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