Tragic events unfolded in North Las Vegas this past Saturday night when a 2021 Kia Forte, reported stolen earlier that day, collided with a Nissan Titan pickup truck. This devastating crash at the intersection of Carey Avenue and Winning Way, west of Clayton Street, claimed three lives and left one in severe condition. According to law enforcement, the North Las Vegas Police responded to the catastrophic incident shortly before 10:30 pm.

Vehicle Theft Leads to Tragic Loss

Earlier in the day, the Kia Forte had been unlawfully taken. However, the theft report was still under completion by the police when the horrific accident occurred. The driver of the stolen vehicle was driving east on Carey Avenue at a dangerous speed, which tragically culminated in a disastrous crash when the mid-2000s Nissan Titan pickup attempted a left turn onto Carey Avenue from Winning Way.

The Moment of Impact and Its Fatal Consequences

The impact was so violent that the driver’s side of the pickup truck was struck directly, causing the truck to ignite into flames. Tragically, two of the three occupants of the stolen car did not survive the crash. The sole occupant of the pickup truck also lost his life. A child in the Kia, the only survivor, was transported to the University Medical Center suffering from serious injuries, though thankfully not life-threatening.

Continuing Investigations and Victim Identification

By Sunday morning, the scene of the crash was still marked by substantial areas of the road blackened by burn marks. As of this time, the identities of those involved in the incident had not been disclosed. It’s expected that the Clark County coroner’s office will release the identities after notifying the families of the deceased. Meanwhile, the North Las Vegas Police Department Traffic Bureau’s major collision investigation unit is leading the probe into the incident. They encourage anyone with relevant information to come forward to assist the ongoing investigation.

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