Drivers who get into a collision are advised to document everything that happened regarding their accident as soon as possible. The better the documented evidence a driver has, the more chances they will be able to get a fair amount of compensation in court.

The first point to keep in mind when documenting the accident is that a driver should avoid giving any recorded statements to the insurance company as this may be used against a person later when settlement is being discussed. Having a lawyer represent a person from the start of the case is one of the best ways to ascertain that no injustice is carried out and a person does not make any legal mistakes that could decrease their amount of total compensation due.

When documenting the accident, a person should make sure to call police officers to the scene of the collision if the damage was significant, if the road became blocked because of the accident, or if there were any injuries or deaths that occurred. After calling officers, all contact information should be recorded of anyone involved in the crash and anyone who witnessed the collision.

Photos should also be taken from different angles and a person should make sure they include all important parts of the road and vehicle in their photos. The weather at the time of the accident, traffic level, and road conditions should also be written down. Even though it may feel like a person will still remember everything later, they should still write it down because facts can easily get mixed up as more time passes after the accident.

Another step that should be taken right away is requesting the city for traffic camera footage that may have recorded what occurred.

When will I receive medical treatment to help me pay for my injuries?

A person injured in a car accident will receive their settlement after one’s case is complete. So yes, this does mean that a person will not be immediately given financial relief to initially help them cover their medical expenses.

If a person uses their health insurance, med-pay, or any other sort of medical aid to help them pay for their medical treatments, they may have to reimburse these parties with their final settlement. A qualified lawyer can help a person through their case to make sure they get their settlement as soon as possible so they can cover their medical bills without any unnecessary delays.

The total amount a person can claim depends on how serious the damage was and how much of the accident was their fault as well.