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Auto accidents often cause serious injuries and short or long term disabilities that could harm your financial future unless you act fast and seek compensation via an accident claim or personal injury lawsuit.
If you find yourself in such a situation it would be prudent to protect your interests by engaging an eager and cordial accident legal representative. This professional will know how to tackle your case and will know how to deal with the other side who have age old tactics that work for them and are designed to make you think you have won something when really you have not gained that much.
Put Your Pocketbook Away
If you are worried about whether you need to pay anything upfront, put those thoughts aside. You can pick from the cream of the crop in terms of legal experts right here at, who work on a contingency fee basis so you don’t have to pay upfront during the legal process. In fact, you do not have to pay them anything since they only take a percentage at the end so you never have to write them a check.
They fund this entire process and handle this case for you while they help you build a solid case that will knock back the opposition if your case is viable. Your attorney will know that you have enough costs to consider and you need to get healthy and focus on your job and life. There is no such thing as being a successful overnight lawyer!
In addition, they have decades of experience in handling complex claims and legal situations, and most importantly, negotiating with various types of insurance firms.
Whether you are a victim of a:

  • hit and run accident
  • motorcycle accident
  • boating accident
  • trucking accident
  • dog attack
  • product failure
  • workplace accident (which can happen to you even if you work in an office!)
  • medical malpractice or nursing home abuse…..

…..they can help protect your rights and ensure that you receive the best possible compensation whether via the insurance company (settling out of court) or a lawsuit (taking your case to court).
Taking on an insurance provider on our own can prove disastrous if you don’t have a legal professional by your side. It would be like going into a gun fight with just a rubber band!
Your attorney will play a vital role in drafting the demand letter with supporting evidence and negotiating with the insurer in case there is potential for an out of court settlement. Remember, the presence of a legal professional will send the right message to the insurer that you mean business and can take your case to trial if necessary.
Car/Motorcycle/Truck accidents
What to do if you are involved in a Colorado Springs auto accident:

  • It may be easier said than done, but stay calm and don’t say a word that could sound apologetic or that you were at fault.
  • Move your vehicle to the side of the road.
  • Call the authorities and ask for medical attention right away.

For injuries you are likely to be rushed to a hospital for treatment. It could include any one of these too.

  • University of Colorado Health – Memorial Hospital Central, 1400 E Boulder St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, Phone: 719-365-5000
  • Pennrose Hospital-Emergency Room – 2222 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, Phone: 719-776-5000
  • Francis Medical Center – 6001 E Woodmen Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80923, Phone: 719-571-1000

Exchange information that includes the names and addresses of witnesses, driver license, and license plate number of all the vehicles involved.
Make sure to file a report on the accident since it often determines who is at fault.
Just make sure to seek legal counsel as soon as possible and you are medically fit to do so. An attorney can help determine how to collect damages, file a claim, and deal with various parties including the insurer. Do not sign anything with the latter until you have legal assistance willing and able to battle for you which is not that hard to obtain if your case has merit and you use this site.
Your Deal!
To spearhead your accident claim or personal injury lawsuit you can call one of the most supreme accident lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO or one who is an up and comer and is looking to make a name for themselves in this domain, either one has its advantages. Simply use the interactive map on our site to gain access to a list of legal counselors in your area. Click and call!
Legal help is right around the virtual corner! The first meeting is free. They are only paid if you are paid. No major decisions are made without your nod of approval. Using our site is free and setting up a meeting and choosing a legal professional will also cost you nothing. You already have enough bills to deal with. Our attorneys only take a percentage when this is all said and done as mentioned before!
If you still need help you can always buzz one of our representatives on the live chat pop up board or fill out the contact form and we call back at an appropriate time.
We were built to help people like you out in these trying times. The world can be a cold place. Let’s make it warm again!

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