How Can a Denver Accident Attorney Help Me?

After experiencing an accident involving your bicycle, there are certain things you can expect to occur.

  1. Once your accident is reported to police and they arrive on scene, the reporting officer is expected to complete the Investigator’s Traffic Accident Report, Form DR2447. The following information should be included on this form:
  • Personal identification information
  • Pre-crash maneuvers
  • Location
  • Environmental conditions
  • Road description
  • Contributing factors
  • Bicyclist/motorist conditions

The officer also has the ability to draw on the form the street and the positions of the involved parties to better display how the scene of the accident looked. They also have the option of completing a narrative of the accident along with the scene to better describe what occurred in more depth.

  1. The original copies of the form are then sent to the Colorado Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division for archival and analysis purposes.
  2. Denver Public Works also receives a copy where they transfer the data to an internal database for archiving and analysis.

Therefore, if you are suffering from injuries after being hit by a vehicle, there are several departments that receive this crash report and it shouldn’t be an issue for you to receive a copy as well. Because bicycle accident injuries can be severe and detrimental to one’s wellbeing, a copy of this report can also suffice as support or proof in a legal case.
Should you be looking for an accident attorney in Denver, Colorado who can assist you with any legal matter involving your accident, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We work closely with several different accident lawyers in the city of Denver, all of whom have years’ worth of experience in this field of law. They can protect your rights as a personal injury victim and build a solid case should the at-fault party not wish to comply with your demands.
Were You Involved in any of These Common Types of Bicycle Accidents?
Between 2008 and 2012, the Denver Public Works Transportation & Mobility Department conducted a study that determined how frequently bicycle accidents occurred and the types of crashes that transpired. And if you were involved in one, you know how serious your injuries are. This is why we encourage anyone who may have become hurt in an accident to come forward with their claims and receive their free case evaluation from an experienced Denver accident lawyer.
Some of the most common types of accidents involving a bicyclist include:

  1. Broadside with on-street bicyclist- This usually occurs when a bicyclist is entering an intersection at the same time as a vehicle, which results in the two colliding with one another.
  2. Same direction crashes with on-street bicyclists- Both the motorist and the bike rider collide as they are traveling in the same direction on the street.
  3. Left hook with on-street bicyclist- This happens when a bicyclist and a driver approach an intersection from opposite directions. It usually transpires when a driver is attempting to make a left turn and a bike rider is attempting to cross the roadway at the same time.

Perhaps you weren’t involved in a bicycling accident. Maybe you are the victim of a medical error or slipped and fell at work. Our accident lawyers are able to assist anyone dealing with any type of accident who is in need of legal assistance. You might be entitled to hundreds or even thousands of dollars but the only way to confirm this is by speaking with one of the top attorneys in the city of Denver, and can connect you with one now.

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