Colorado, like every other state, has certain laws that apply to motorists, motorcyclists, and bicyclists in order to keep riders and drivers safe as well as maintain a safe environment on the roadway. When laws aren’t followed or abided by, accidents generally occur leaving victims wounded, disabled, and even dead.

What are some current motorcycle laws in the state of Colorado?

It is extremely important that all roadway occupants are aware of the laws that pertain to them to avoid being involved in any type of accident. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable when driving on Colorado roads as they aren’t protected in the same way as other individuals who might be driving inside a car. Therefore, be sure you are complying with the following laws that Colorado’s Department of Transportation requires you to follow:

  1. You must abide by all traffic laws that apply to other motorists on the roadway.
  2. Riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a DOT- approved helmet. If you are over the age of 18, while it is not required of you to wear a helmet, by doing so, you increase the chances of surviving an accident in the event you are involved in one.
  3. You are required to wear some form of eye protection while riding. This law also applies to passengers who may be riding with you. A windshield is not recognized as adequate eye protection.
  4. Motorcycles must come equipped with footrests for passengers and those riding on the back of a bike must utilize these footrests.
  5. Passengers must ride on the seat behind the driver.
  6. Motorcyclists cannot pass or overtake a vehicle in the same lane in the state of Colorado. A biker cannot share a lane with a vehicle, however, they are legally able to do so with one other motorcycle.
  7. You cannot attach your bike to another vehicle.

If a loved one of yours was recently involved in a roadway accident or you were the victim to the unfortunate event, it is important that you become aware of the rights you hold as a driver and an accident victim.

Can I file suit against a driver even if I wasn’t complying with a state law?

Although you may have not been in compliance with one or more of Colorado’s motorcycle laws, you may still be entitled to collect compensation for your accident injuries. Colorado does follow the comparative negligence law so if you are found guilty of breaking a law, that may be used against you when trying to collect compensation for your damages.
There are various types of damages you may be entitled to collect and our accident lawyers in Greeley, Colorado would be more than happy to sit down with you to discuss these in detail. It is important that as a motorcycle accident victim, you receive the necessary compensation that will help you get through this difficult time, whether you were at-fault for the accident or failed to follow one of the above mentioned laws. will help you find and retain an accident attorney in the city of Greeley, CO free of charge as our lawyers can help increase the chance of you winning your case and obtaining the maximum settlement your injuries entitle you to collect. Give us a call now to speak with one of our agents.