In order to accurately determine what your accident case is worth, there are several factors that impact this amount and all should be taken into account. Many accident victims involved in car crashes and work-related accidents often ask our accident attorneys in Lakewood, Colorado what their case is valued at and before they can provide you with a fair and reasonable answer, they must evaluate the facts and determine how serious your injuries truly are.

What impacts the worth of an accident case?

Some of the things that our Lakewood, CO accident lawyers will use to help derive at an amount they believe your case is worth includes:

  1. The losses you have incurred. Some examples of types of loses could include a totaled vehicle, your ability to no longer engage in the same activities you once could, a family member or loved one who was killed in the accident, financial losses resulting from your inability to work.
  2. Your injuries and the severity of them. Injuries will play a major role in an accident case and will take up a large portion of the settlement you are looking to recover. It is important that you have medical proof stating your condition and how serious it is.
  3. The pain and suffering you have had to endure. Car accidents generally result in a driver being severely injured and forced to suffer with pain they once never had.

In order to gain a full understanding of how an accident lawyer will determine what your particular case is worth, give us a call at and we will place you in contact with a nearby Lakewood, Colorado accident lawyer who can better explain this to you. Our services are free as it is our goal to help get you paired up with a reliable and knowledgeable lawyer who specializes in accident law.

Filing a complaint against your insurance company or that of the other party involved

After an accident occurs, there are generally two ways you can recoup the compensation that will help pay for the pain and suffering as well as the medical bills that have accrued. You can either file a claim through the at-fault party’s insurance company or file a personal injury lawsuit in the event they were negligent in some way and you aren’t able to collect an adequate amount through their insurance policy.
If you chose to take the route involving the insurance company and have found they aren’t being fair when handling your claim, our accident lawyers in Lakewood would be happy to assist you with disputing their actions but also helping you file a complaint against them.
The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies provides you with the option of filing a complaint directly online and you can visit their site by clicking here.  You can contact this department with any questions you might have by calling 303-894-7490 or 1-800-930-3745 if you are calling from outside the Denver metro area.
And remember, our accident attorneys in the city of Lakewood are ready to help you whether it’s by answering questions, helping you get a claim filed, or preparing to file suit against the party who caused your injuries.